Wilson and Hart

Est. 1983
0-50 builds P.A.
6 months free maintenance period
6 years guarantee

  • Individually Customised Designs
  • Affordable Quality Homes
  • Exceptional Level of Customer Service

Building with Wilson+Hart is like staying at a boutique hotel. The staff know you by name, you’re always welcome and each client is unique.

Started in 1983, Wilson+Hart is not widely known but highly thought of by those clients who’ve built one of their 1500 or so homes.

Wilson+Hart is the type of builder who’s clients have built three homes over 20 years or have had their children build with Wilson and Hart years after they have built.

Owned and operated by Anthony Kinder, who’s had over 25 years experience in the home building industry, including past WA President of HIA (Housing Industry Association).

Wilson+Hart excels by understanding what is important to each and every customer and then delivering on that. We understand that budgets are important and that all our clients expect value for money.

Building in the Perth metro area, we specialise in areas homes are being demolished and rebuilt.

Many of our builds are individual designs and we work with each client to understand their budget.

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Inner Perth, Perth North East, Perth North West, Perth South East, Perth South West

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