Jinding is a single-entry-point for wealth creation through high quality property, and astute investments.

Built and here for the long term, we’re ambitious in creating wealth, security, and happiness for all our customers, partners, investors, buyers, and team members.

Composed of five integrated and synergistic divisions: Developments, Real Estate, Investments, Funds Management, and Services, Jinding’s structure is designed to ensure investors, buyers, and partners receive, world-leading outcomes.

Jinding proudly marries the best of east-meets-west. By that we mean, the entrepreneurial spirit and traditional family values from China, and the good governance, management structures and passion for a balanced, quality lifestyle, Aussies are known for.

Because Jinding is an Australian company, we do not require any Foreign Investment Board approvals. Jinding is conservatively geared and funded by a combination of equity, top Australian banks, and astute capital providers. We operate to the highest standards of compliance and governance, are well established, entrepreneurial and fast growing.