RPM is a dynamic, results-driven residential sales agency with a strong commitment to creating research-backed strategies that deliver higher revenues, faster sales rates and better returns for our clients.
Founded over two decades ago as a residential land sales specialist, today RPM Real Estate Group has grown to encompass over 100 employees across six specialist divisions.
At RPM, our difference lies not only in our experience and in-house capabilities, but our passion for the people within our business as well as our valued clients. Through our dedication to creating a culture of enthusiastic and committed property experts, we are proud to have built a team with expertise spanning all facets of property sales, research and advisory services.
Our continued expansion and re-investment into our research services mean we offer unsurpassed market intelligence and data-driven insights to our clients, to help drive the continued growth of their projects and asset portfolio.
A full-service agency, we pride ourselves on advising our clients through every step of the process; from the initial site diligence, acquisitions and master-planning, through to the launch and sales strategies and ongoing marketing.