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New Home Inclusions – Eliminate hidden costs

When it comes to choosing the right builder for your new home, apart from looking at their level of experience and reputation, it is crucial to evaluate the list of new home inclusions offered.

What are the new home inclusions?
Inclusions are specific items or services included in the stated base price of the home. The base price of design will come with ‘standard inclusions’, which varies by each builder. Generally speaking, this does not include items such as landscaping, footpaths, fencing, heating/cooling, window furnishings, removal of excess soil, and rock breaking for excavation.

Based on the standard new home inclusions, you can make several upgrades and add extras to the list. Allocate your budget to accommodate these costs, it is recommended that 70-80% goes towards the base price of the home, and the other 20-30% is reserved for upgrades.

Why do builders have different new home inclusions?
Different builders may target homebuyers with a particular lifestyle, hence inclusions are more likely to be tailored for that group. For example, some builders have sub-brands that focus on first home buyers, those inclusions may be designed to help FHB get the most of out of their grant.

Another thing to note is that display homes often include standard inclusion items as well as many upgraded features, this can be anything from floor coverings to upgraded high-end kitchen fittings for example. So have a chat with the new homes sales consultant who will be able to tell you what is standard, and then what upgrades are available for what additional cost. You may also want to compare the additional upgrade costs from different builders. The best advice is to do your research and be informed.

How do I know what upgrades to make?
Many homebuyers tend to choose features for their new home based on their past experiences, which leads them to overlook items that will help rectify the shortcomings of their current home. Your decisions should always relate back to you and your family’s future lifestyle, use our printable checklist to have an objective overview of what upgrades to make to address your needs. Also, look out for home packages that include essentials such as Council Approval, Soil Testing, Construction Insurance, Termite Treatments and Soil removal Fees. These services will save you a lot of trouble if it’s already taken care of by the builder.

What’s the best way to compare house packages from different builders?
Start off by using our comparison tool for viewing various inclusions of homes side by side (just click the ‘Compare’ button next to your favourite designs). Once you have a better idea of what’s included and what’s not, the next step would be to get a copy of the new home inclusions schedule and speak in person with the new homes sales consultant from the builder to find out costs.

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