Cheap And Chic Bedroom Styling Ideas

Do you ever stop and wonder what life would be like, waking up in a sea of Egyptian cotton, sipping a mimosa and eating strawberries overlooking a skyline view? We would all love to have a bedroom that looks like it belongs in home decor magazines, but for most people, the budget can refuse to co-operate with those luxurious dreams. No fear! We have created a handy guide with bedroom styling ideas that won’t break the bank and will still make your bedroom look and feel luxurious!

bedroom styling ideas

House Design: Tahlee 285 by Fairhaven Homes (VIC)

Find A Fancy Light Fitting

The small round disk you have fitted to the ceiling of your bedroom that admits a cheap glow may be your first point of transformation. While we all know crystal chandeliers may be way out of budget, but with a bit of searching, chic and elegant hanging light fixtures can be picked up quite affordably. This will take your bedroom from pauper to princess in no time.

All In The Throw

Nothing says chic quite like a sea of throw pillows nestled perfectly atop your bed. Some bedroom styling ideas to transform your space into a Beverly Hills penthouse is overfilling the area with plush cushions in a variety of textures and tones.

bedroom styling ideas

House Design: Midland 21 by Porter Davis Homes (VIC)

Make A Blanket Statement

Like throw pillows, a throw blanket can also give your bedroom the ca-ching it’s missing. Some more great bedroom styling ideas are to drape a thick throw rich in colour or texture over the edge of the bed. Forget about that cheap, microfleece number that may be great for cuddling on the couch in winter. Instead, pick a throw blanket made from fuzzy wool, velour, silk, velvet, or even faux fur!

Touch Of Green

Add a spruce of fresh plants to your bedroom to achieve a high-end style easily. A pretty arrangement of flowers in a glass vase or a lush green plant in a ceramic pot will add a sense of luxury without that additional price tag. If you are not one blessed with a natural green thumb, then realistic faux plants can be picked up cheaply without anyone knowing the wiser.

bedroom styling ideas

House Design: Savoy 40 by Porter Davis Homes (VIC)

Ditch Old Lamp Shades

Another great and affordable bedroom styling idea is to freshen up your room by replacing lampshades that have been collecting dust. New lamp fittings can be picked up quite cheap and transform the look of your room drastically.

Spruce Up Your Nightstand And Vanities

While buying a new bedroom ensemble can be expensive and cause you to go over budget, revamping your existing furniture won’t! One of the biggest areas to decrease the overall luxury of a room is falling victim to clutter! Generally, a nightstand is a perfect hodgepodge of essentials, hand cream, books, chords, half drank coffee cups and so on. A great way to combat mess and clutter whilst also making your room feel elegant and expensive is to add trays and dress them up with perfumes, candles and creams. Check out this article for bedroom storage ideas.

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Breanna Taylor

Breanna Taylor is a third-year journalism and PR student studying at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. She has a strong passion for interior design and a growing interest in property development and renovation.


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