Choose the perfect heating option for your new home

Australia’s climate has some wild variations, from the tropical north to the “4 seasons in one day” of Melbourne. Through most of Australia, it gets cold for a significant part of year, and one of the major household expenses is gas or electricity to heat our homes.

Considering the most effective way to heat your home can be one of the major cost saving you can make, freeing up more money to improve your home or take some time off on a well-deserved holiday. When the cold weather of winter starts to set in, you need to find the most effective way to heat your home and have it comfortable without blowing the budget.

There are a number of options when it comes to heating a smaller space (individual rooms) such as electric heaters , gas heaters or reverse cycle air conditioners which are far more effective than a standard electric heater.

When it comes to heating a whole home, the major systems available are Hydronic, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, underfloor heating, ducted gas central heating or a solid fuel heater (which is a slow combustion stove attached to other rooms via ducts).

New home heating considerations

When looking to install a new heater, we recommend considering the following points to ensure a comfortable, safe environment when the heater is keeping you all warm:

  • Insulation is a major factor in keeping heating costs down. Make sure that the ceiling is insulated, stop draughts from coming in doors and windows and add curtains or blinds to windows to reduce heat loss.
  • Get the right heater for the space. A small electric radiator is not going to warm your whole living room. Take the time to choose the right size heater for the job.
  • Don’t just think of the running costs, also take time to consider the safety of you and your family. Appliances with exposed radiant elements can be a fire hazard, particularly if you have small children.
  • It’s always best to consider a heating system when building or renovating your new home. The most economical are underfloor or hydronic (water-based) heating, ducted gas or electrical central heating. The set up costs for these systems can make them look like an expensive option, but they are far cheaper to operate in the long run than stand-alone options. When looking to build a new home, look at the heating inclusions and make sure there is one appropriate for your climate added to your package.

Top heating tips

When operating your heater, there are some general rules to follow to reduce costs. These are:
Don’t over heat your rooms, just get them comfortable. There is a direct increase in energy costs for each degree you reach for. Aim for 20 degrees instead of 24 degrees, and you will save 10% for each degree less.

Only heat the rooms you’re actually currently occupying. Block off the other rooms and your heater will work far more efficiently heating where you are. Remember that hot air rises, so aim for as much downward airflow as possible. Running a ceiling fan on low speed will push hot air back down to where you are going to actually feel it. There is no point having a hot roof and cold feet!

Dont forget the thing you spend the most time on, your feet. Select carpet that will keep the bounce in your step.

Comparing all your options is very important. At iBuildNew we help you find a home design, builder or developer that works for you and your needs. But comparing side by side or speaking to one of our expert phone consultants you will be able to simplify the new home building process. Call us on 1800 184 284 or book a call online.

Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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