Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

If you browse contemporary kitchen designs of the new year – you will find that kitchens are becoming bolder, increasingly colourful and making larger statements. A major factor for kitchens this year is going to be functionality, mixed with a unique range of features and colours delivering a range of eclectic styles.

Vibrant colour schemes

Contemporary kitchen design colours

Image here

Vibrant colours are a magnificent way to allow the kitchen to grab the spotlight in your home. Bright yellow schemes, as well as blues and reds are sure to create a unique kitchen and make a statement that also creates a home that feels comfortable and welcoming.

Dark Cabinets and Bench tops

Contemporary kitchen design cabinets

Mondrian by Masterpiece Homes

Including darker cabinets or bench tops creates a deeper contrast and modernity in your kitchen. Dark bench tops matched with lighter cabinets, or the opposite combination can create an incredibly sleek design. Dark bench tops have also proved to be very easy to clean and keep looking fresh.

Smart Kitchen Technology

You might have heard some talk that smart kitchens are on the rise. Smart kitchen appliances have creeped into popularity over the past few years and are becoming increasingly common for people to use in their own kitchens.
In a sense similar to the slow cooker – the Sous Vide is one to take note of. These appliances involve placing food within a plastic pouch, into a water bath or steamed environment that is kept at a regulated temperature for cooking. This ensures that food is not over or undercooked, and produces enhanced flavours.

Kitchen Islands

Contemporary kitchen design island

Sentosa by Metricon

The kitchen island has proved to be an especially handy piece in kitchens today. It allows for an increased amount of working and serving space, as well as added cabinet space for storage and appliances. The option of additional seating is also an asset for when you need to entertain guests in the kitchen, which can double as an informal dining space for you or the kids.

Smart Storage Solutions

Once again, 2018 is going to be about functionality. Creating smart storage solutions in a contemporary way is becoming an important part of modern kitchen designs. This includes wall shelving for space that doubles as decor, and pull out storage spaces for those items that you prefer to keep hidden away.

Katrina Ellis

Katrina is passionate about plants, interior design and inspiring others to create their perfect living space


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