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How to Choose a Low Maintenance Home Design

While there is no such thing as a no-maintenance home – a low maintenance home is highly achievable. Lower maintenance means less time needed to keep clean, less annual maintenance, and greater life expectancy.

When arriving home from work, or even on days off, the last thing on our minds is having to do a clean up around the home. So give yourself a reprieve, commit to developing a low maintenance home so you can spend more time off your feet.

Opting to choose a house and land package means low maintenance during the building process. House and land packages are the quicker, simpler option en route to home ownership or property investment. They are more affordable, much more convenient and most importantly, significantly low maintenance – making them an ideal choice, especially for first homebuyers or investors.


If you are interested in investing in a house and land package, then understanding how they work is vital. Far different from purchasing a pre-existing home, we can guide you through understanding the structure of a house and land package, ways in which you can apply for a loan, and instruction on securing one through our team of experts

The benefits of these packages should not be overlooked. The building, fixings and fittings will be under a builder’s guarantee, which will last many years. This will save you a lot of time and money (especially once you consider that one of the main costs of a property is preservation and upkeep).

Our services include finding a reputable builder who uses high grade materials and sustainable construction techniques to ensure your home is strongly built and well efficient to maintain over time. You can find Australia’s lead home builders and land developers here. 

When choosing a house design that is low maintenance, you should consider things such as the amount of bedrooms, and unused space around home. Make sure you also question whether areas are easy to clean, but also things like the front and back garden – potential time consumers.

Modern homes often come with open plans, suitable for contemporary living and entertaining. Layouts such as these make it easier to combine a space to cook, relax and dine. Having several things in the single larger space will result in less hassle in maintenance.

If you are in the homebuyers market and searching for a new home to build or invest in, and the concept of low-maintenance living jumps out at you, begin by making a checklist of requirements that will potentially reduce hours working on your would-be home. Because you deserve to look forward to spending your free time enjoying your own space!

Seeking further help?


Whether you are looking to build or invest, make sure that you talk to one of our expert consultants. They can help you shortlist builders, designs and land estates that will work with your requirements, budget and location. You can talk to a consultant 7 days a week on 1800 184 284 or you can book a call online.

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