Bentley Homes

Est. 2006
From $169,900
100-200 builds P.A.
3 months free maintenance period
10 years guarantee
  • Stylish, Contemporary Home Designs
  • Modifications to Floorplans Available
  • Sloping Site Solutions

Create a beautiful place to live. Bentley Homes is one of the city’s foremost builders of luxury homes, offering people across Melbourne the chance to make their home a reflection of themselves. As an affordable new home builder for the western, northern, south eastern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we’re all about giving you something extra. Our designers create marvels on blocks of land of every description, helping you realise your dream home.

When selecting your new home design, not only must it suit your lifestyle and budget, it must also suit the solar orientation, flood or vegetation overlays, prevailing winds and site access. Constructing a home that ticks all of these boxes while still staying true to your vision can be a challenge, but not when you’re working with the talented professionals at Bentley Homes. If you’re looking for an experienced new house builder with the expertise to take all this into account, turn to us for the right solution. We’ll ensure that your new home is everything you’ve always wanted it to be, while still making sure it’s meeting those crucial health, safety and environmental targets.

We understand that building your new home is the biggest investment you and your family will make, so our team of award winning home builders are committed to ensuring that you find the option that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Whether it’s a knock down rebuild or a completely new house and land package, we have the expertise to ensure your satisfaction.

At Bentley Homes we have made the dream within reach by creating multiple options to suit the buyers needs. Practical yet flexible, with the freedom to be yourself. This is where stylish design meets outstanding affordability. Dream, create a luxurious lifestyle. Explore our designs today!

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Melbourne West, Melbourne North West, Melbourne East, Melbourne South East, Melbourne Inner East, Melbourne Inner South, Melbourne North East, Inner Melbourne