Our Story

The iBuildNew journey started back as far as 2010. The initial idea was sparked one overcast Saturday in a display home in Melbourne’s west.

Maybe there is an easier way to view all the homes, inclusions and builders out there and compare them in one spot?

It was clear at that point in time that there was no easy way to compare ‘apples with apples’ when searching for a house design. One builder includes flooring, the builder down the road doesn’t. A base price for one house is a turn-key solution you can build and move in to, for the next house you need to spend an additional $50-100K before it is ready to move in. Then you need to be prepared to trek from one display village to another each weekend viewing hundreds of homes.

From this idea, over a period of 2-3 years, a small team of experts came together to conceptualise the iBuildNew platform. What followed were years of research, design, prototyping and testing. And in June 2015, we were ready to hit the launch button. Within days, eager homebuyers were hearing about iBuildNew, and now it is the destination for people looking to build a new home.

We have a team of new home phone consultants with a combined industry experience of more than 30 years, providing independent and free advice on home building to consumers.