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Conveyancers play a crucial part of buying off the plan.

We have a team of experts to answer your questions you have around conveyancers. iBuildNew also recommend our trusted partner Titlexchange to help those buying property that is yet to title.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of a legal title of land (property) from one person or entity to another. ‘Conveyancers’ don’t necessarily have to be lawyers but lawyers often undertake this work and we recommend you engage a lawyer rather than a conveyancer because a lawyer can provide you legal advice through the process.

The most common reasons you would engage a conveyancer or lawyer is when you are:

  • buying or selling a property
  • subdividing land
  • updating a title (i.e. registering a death).

What is involved in the conveyancing process?

My land doesn’t title for 6-12 months. Should I engage a conveyancer now?

What type of conveyancers are there?

Why should I get a new build contract reviewed?

Simple & painless conveyancing with peace of mind.
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