Our Tips For Choosing A House And Land Package

For many first-time homeowners, choosing a house and land package is an easier alternative rather than sourcing them separately. For starters, they are relatively more affordable and can offer savings on many associated costs like stamp duty. However, packages are still an expensive commitment and you’ll want to make sure that your first choice is nothing short of perfect. Here are a few things to cross off your on your checklist before choosing a house and land package that’s best for you.

choosing a house and land package

House and Land Package: Fairhaven Homes

Know Your Budget 

As obvious as it sounds, the importance of this cannot be stated enough. While choosing a house and land package has afforded you savings, at the end of the day you are buying both, a house and land. Usually, that means drawing on two separate bank loans to finance the purchase.

Here, choosing a fixed price of the package will be useful. Remember to also factor in extra costs like fixtures or changes in design plans that may come up during the actual construction. You can ask your builder to provide you with a rough estimate for these to get a detailed account of expenses.

Time For Construction 

Choosing a reputable and reliable builder is the key to making sure that your plans aren’t delayed. Do thorough research of builders in the surrounding area and identify if your expectations match with the quality of work delivered by them. You will want your builder to be a licensed practitioner and ideally one that provides you with a structural guarantee. Check out this article to help with choosing a builder.

choosing a house and land package

House and Land Package: Metricon

Getting an accurate timeline for construction will help you get things in order. Anticipating delays in getting permits, or changes in weather and factoring them in the construction time will further enable you to minimise or anticipate risks. Make sure you get this timeline in writing from your builder to avoid any disputes in later stages.

Selecting Timeless Designs 

Consider possibilities where you may need extra spaces for children or an office or a study. You’ll want your designs to be timeless or flexible enough to make changes when required without costing you too much. Think about the spaces where you spend most of your time and prioritise them. If you like to host gatherings, you may want to pay attention to the living area or the backyard.

Often, designs are not translated into what you intended them to be. Visiting display homes of the builder can help both, you and your builder realise what it is that you’re looking for. After all, you’ll want your home to reflect your personal taste and it’s natural to be cautious when you can.

choosing a house and land package

House and Land Package: Plantation Homes

Adding Value And Planning For The Future 

Whether your house is an investment or a place you intend on living in for a long time, make sure your purchases are such that they add value to your house while catering to your personal choices. Begin by selecting the right location before choosing a house and land package. Consider it’s proximity to schools, hospitals, public transport and recreational centres. Find out whether there are any upcoming projects in the neighbourhood. These choices will bolster the resale value of your house, getting you a good deal for your investment. You can also check out this article on questions to ask before purchasing a house and land package.

How iBuildNew Can Help

Choosing a house and land package is a big decision, and you can be reassured that you don’t have to do it alone. iBuildNew helps match you with the right builders that meet your requirements. Head over to our website to search our member builders house and land packages, or even better, call one of our consultants on 1800 184 284 or book a call now for an obligation-free conversation.

Preity Bhandary

Preity is currently pursuing a Master of Global Media Communication at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about sustainable housing and loves exploring the historic architecture of cities.


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