6 Misconceptions About Building With a Volume Builder

Volume builders, also known as project builders, are those builders that provide a series of standard home designs. Typically, they will build at large scale – hundreds or even thousands of homes per year.
There are many misconceptions in the market for volume builders. What they should and shouldn’t be charging, and what their costing is like compared to other types of builders, are both questions you should be asking when trying to make sense of things.

iBuildNew takes a look at some other factors which are of importance when considering acquiring a volume builder.

Volume builders typically have a rigid and systemised home-building process. The feature that comes ideal for investors is that these type of builders use an extensive range of designs with pre-determined prices. This system provides a wide range of budgeting options.

Every volume builder has a different way of pricing, and works to a different scheme, however. While each offers standard inclusions, different builders hold different scale rates.


Site Costs
It is important to note that every single builder will have extra costs associated with their build. But also that the base cost that may be quoted on advertising such as brochures, and websites, is not the actual cost. Site costs will vary from builder to builder. They will be calculated per case, based on the specific attributes of your block.
To gain knowledge on what you will be charged on, be sure to contact our team. They will evaluate your case, and provide you with a strong indication of site costs.

There is a misconception that lies with the change in which volume builders will make during the course of construction. Some people think the builders will make unlimited changes, while others believe they will make no changes. Neither of these are correct, and it depends on the house design, the wants and needs of the homeowner.

Volume builders are a fantastic option for those looking for a quicker, cleaner design process, without significant amounts of personal involvement. These builders offer more mass-produced housing and are more than often build in the hundreds per year. Thus, making modifications to the original design may come at a cost, as it interrupts their system flow.


Display Homes
Upon entering a display home, you may have a tendency to believe that that is the house you would be purchasing with the builder’s base price. Usually, display homes are a great deal more than quoted and include every luxury on offer.

A lot of homeowners would just assume that once everything’s planned for, then everything’s fine to commence for the builder to begin construction. With a volume builder, the commencement of your build may often be delayed in due to another build that may have started before yours. Consider that this delay or lag could potentially be worsened by a change you may have ordered done for your build. There are many factors which could bump you down the queue, or further delay your wait.

How to Compare Builders
The fantastic thing about using a service such as iBuildNew is that you will be able to compare builders or developers’ information side by side. Eliminate the need to form tricky spreadsheets or messy notes by using our services. Our comparison function allows you to efficiently compare homes or packages to help determine the level of inclusions within a home that are most important to you.

For this information and much more – be sure you speak to one of our home building experts on 1800 184 284.

They are independent and motivated to see you achieve your property and investment goals. You can also book a call online.

Michael Poiveson

Armed with a background in multimedia and written communications, Michael has a zest for everything outdoor living, and can be found enjoying the serenity of occasionally overlong scenic walks.


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