7 Benefits of Building a Turn-Key Complete Home

Building a new home can feel daunting. There are many different factors that you need to keep in mind. Particularly the hidden financial costs associated with investing in property which often cause the greatest angst for new home builders. The financial surprises can include anything from incurring extra fees for the impressive features found in the display homes; to nasty site cost surprises. The degree of compromise can be difficult for many when all you want to do is move into your new house and make it a home. At iBuildNew, we know that one size does not fit all and that’s why we include turn-key complete homes as options for people searching for a new home.

Why would you want to build a turn-key complete home?
There are many reasons why a turn-key complete home is a right choice. Each individual will have their own requirements when building a home, but understanding the advantages of turn-key homes may help you make an informed decision.

1. Fixed Price
Budgeting to build a new home can be difficult. Different builders have different inclusions, and site costs can push your budget beyond expectations. Purchasing a turn-key home can alleviate the stress of the unknown to give you complete peace of mind and certainty with guaranteed fixed pricing and clear inclusions documentation.
Everything including; landscaping, fencing and window furnishings plus much more is included in the price, with no more to pay. Having complete confidence when investing in property can allow you to get excited about the final product instead of worrying about the extra costs. Building a new home is an exciting time and at iBuildNew we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decision.

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2. VIP Exclusive Access
Evolution and innovation forms part of the fabric of iBuildNew, which provides owner-occupiers, downsizers and investment buyers VIP exclusive access to turn-key complete homes of outstanding quality at an affordable price that include premium inclusions at no extra cost. Our commitment to you starts with having strong relationships with builders and developers to identify and access quality residential opportunities. Accurate research and analysis is integral to capitalising on an increasingly complex and rapidly evolving property market landscape. iBuildNew resources provide our clients with unique market insights, forecasts and in-depth analysis of the Australian residential property market. Our experienced team of qualified professionals will support you in a “teamwork” type culture, assuring that your purchase is seamless and receives the attention it deserves.

3. Timeless Design
Everyone knows that interior styles change constantly and what is in trend one year is not necessarily the next. It can become difficult, when investing in property, to stay up to date when the style is in constant fluctuation. Turn-key homes are designed by professional stylists using neutral colours – you will never grow tired of them. Neutral colours will always be classic. If you decide you need some vibrant colours in your life, then you simply add a few inexpensive pillows or a beautiful bouquet of bright flowers and simple touches, your home will feel classic for years. Think of a neutral colour scheme as an investment. It allows you to avoid buyers remorse and ensuring an interior design that will never grow old.

4. Easy Styling
Express your personality through the styling of your home. It is easy to reflect your style against the neutral backdrop of your new turn-key complete home. Whether you like the minimal aesthetic, bright colours or an industrial look, anything is possible. Simply put, layering textiles is the key to creating a warm, well-designed space, and neutral colours allow you to create this space more easily. The team at iBuildNew love all things interior design and provide all the inspiration and tips you would need to style your turn-key home.

5. Luxury Living and Hassle-Free Move-In
Moving into a new home is a huge experience. From the original dream of your brand new home to the complete product, it is an experience unlike any other. Having friends and family around is a vital part of building your new home. You will be proud and excited to show off your new home. Building a new home can mean that work has to be done after you get the keys before you are ready to invite everyone over. The luxury of walking into a turn-key complete home that is ready, down to the smallest of details means you can show off your stunning new home sooner.

Be proud of your new place! Moving day will come around quickly. You will be eager to get started on your new decorating project. However, moving into a new home can mean there is still a lot of work to be done; landscaping, lighting, a driveway and blinds. When you buy a completed home all you need to do is turn the key and move in; quick, easy and carefree.

6. Building Inspections
For turn-key properties purchased via iBuildNew, we will organise for Jim’s Building Inspections to complete independent inspections through the 5 stages of construction at no extra cost. The quality control process ensures our clients enjoy peace of mind when investing in property with ‘no nasty surprises’.

7. Insightful Research
The key to any new home building project is to conduct thorough research. At iBuildNew we work to help you find the best deal that meets all of your requirements. We provide our clients with exclusive access to property insights, which we feel is invaluable in making informed decisions and understanding the market.

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“Purchasing a home or investment property should be a delightful experience,” says iBuildNew Agency Principal Rob Puzzolo. We are a company focussed purely on providing quality customer service, certainty and a ‘no worries’ process to ensure an exceptional buying experience.”
If you are looking at investing in property, head over to ibuildnew.com.au. Alternatively, call one of our experience and independent consultants, on 1800 184 284, who can step you through the process.

Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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