iBuildNewConnect takes the hassle out of moving to your new home, and ensures everything is ready to go on day one.

You just need to select the connection service you need, complete the contact details form and submit and our team will be in contact closer to your moving date to arrange all services on your behalf.

Benefits of iBuildNew Connect

  • Personal assistant at no cost to you
  • All your connections ready before you move
  • Access to market leading service providers best deals
  • Quick and convenient process for all required services
  • Give you more time to focus on the fun stuff

Building a new home is often both exciting and stressful at the same time. Before taking possession of your newly built home, don't forget to arrange your essential connection services so that when you and your family move in on day on the house is fully functional. It is never too early to get this time consuming activity out of the way and eliminate the potential stress, allowing you to focus on more interesting tasks like decorating your new home.

iBuildNew Connect has been created as a free and no obligation service to you to take the hassle out of moving to your new home, and to ensure everything is ready to go on day one. iBuildNew Connect will do all the shopping around and co-ordination of the right people for you from a selection of market leading service providers. You will be appointed a personal moving and connections specialist who will quickly find you the nest deals in the market and then co-ordinate delivery of these services for the day you take possessions of your dream new home.

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