Build a Family House Design for Multigenerational Living

Build a family house can take a bit of thought. There are many factors that will influence when you build a family house and this includes considering multigenerational living. There are many benefits to multigenerational living. This includes different generations of children, as well as living with grandparents or aging relatives. It can be difficult to find a house design that will suit your families requirements, but iBuildNew can take your requirements and help connect you to the builders that will meet your needs. Here are a few things that you can consider for your multigenerational home design.

Considerations To Build Family House

Ageing Families

If you are in fact living with grandparents or elderly relatives in your home – it is important to consider the safety and ease at which they can get around the home, both now and as they continue to age. Limiting the amount of stairs and height of appliances can make the dual living an easier situation for everyone.


Younger children tend to like being closer to their parents, whereas teenagers and young adults will prefer to be away and with their own privacy. It is important to accommodate to this in your multigenerational home. Rooms that are multipurpose can be a great way to have spaces for kids of all ages. As they grow, a guest room can be converted into a bedroom that provides them with the privacy they need as a young adult. This is also true of guest rooms that can be converted into bedrooms for older relatives you might move in with you as they age. Being further away from the main bedroom will probably be preferred if they are still desiring their own privacy.


the Savannah house design facade

Savannah by Metricon

Large, open spaces is a great idea for multigenerational living. In most cases there will be quite a few people in the household, so larger spaces will make the home feel less cluttered. A large living area can also provide a space where for the whole family can be together. It is important to have privacy, but it is also important to have a space where everyone can go to spend time together.

Multiple Bathrooms

Multiple bathrooms and toilets is a very important feature to multigenerational living. People will be spending different amounts of time in the bathroom, at different times of the day. This can be frustrating if there is only one bathroom available. If possible, have the bathrooms in different areas of the house, for different age groups in the household. An elderly couple will appreciate their own space – as will your teenage children.

For further information regarding home designs and help with being matched to your perfect home builder, don’t hesitate to contact iBuildNew. We have consultants who can guide you with independent and expert advice. We will take all your requirements and connect you to someone who can meet your needs. Call us on 1800 184 284 or book a call online.

Michael Poiveson

Armed with a background in multimedia and written communications, Michael has a zest for everything outdoor living, and can be found enjoying the serenity of occasionally overlong scenic walks.


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