What Will Set Your Luxury House Plans Apart?

Are you planning on building luxury house plans? What will set your new home apart from all the others? Building a new home means that you have the opportunity to create luxury house plans that you will love and that will work and grow with your family, so adding these elements to your new home will make it luxurious.


A luxury home should ideally involve seclusion and refuge. This doesn’t necessarily mean your home would be isolated from all others, but it means that privacy is a premium. This can be attained by having large front and back gardens, higher walls than usual, trees and hedging for cover, gated entrances, and quality fencing. Another option here is installing some form of security system. No one can blame you for wanting privacy, and with these luxury home qualities, it’s achievable.

Outdoor Space


Whether staying in and entertaining yourself, or having guests around, an outdoor space is complementary to a luxury lifestyle. This will add instant appeal and ensure that you are using all areas of your land, and not just focusing on the insides of your home. There are many options you could opt for, including an outdoor kitchen, a dining space, or even a pool. All these are key elements that help set luxury homes apart.


Most likely to feature in every other article about home lifestyle and living comes location. Regardless of the city, state or country, a luxury home is also defined by its location. It’s important to take into consideration that these locations are always expanding and changing with the times. They generally move toward hot spots where high-end buyers are most likely to go. Bars, restaurants, and other amenities can transform an average area into a buyer’s hub.

“Smart” Home

An ever-growing reliance on newly innovated technologies in our homes has become an almost essential when looking for luxury. Most homes which fall under the “luxury” category have integrated gadgets, appliances and fittings through every other room. Think about the amenities and functions around the home, things such as drapes, air conditioning systems, awnings, lights, kitchen appliances and so forth have become technology-driven. Today’s home-owners seemingly want it all when it comes to technology, and builders are able to facilitate to these needs, especially if it means staying ahead of the property market.

Luxury Bathroom


A deluxe home surely needs to complimentary nicely with a luxurious bathroom. You won’t need to be necessarily affluent to attain a bathroom that resembles a high-end spa and hotel. Modern home-owners should ideally seek to recreate affluent amenities within their own space, if anything to add appeal to their property. Some ideas which set a luxury bathroom apart include a large walk-in shower, high-end quality flooring, temperature gauge, and of coarse a spa for end of the day relaxation.

Set Yourself Apart

There are no strict set of rules when creating your own luxury home, it does come down to individual interpretation. However, if you are planning on building one, investigating into what are or will be the standards in the near future is your best option.

For the greatest in luxury home designs, ensure you reach out to iBuildNew; we can put you onto customised services and provide you with the latest in design solutions. Speak to one of our experts on 1800 184 284, you can also book a call online.

Michael Poiveson

Armed with a background in multimedia and written communications, Michael has a zest for everything outdoor living, and can be found enjoying the serenity of occasionally overlong scenic walks.


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