Treat Yourself: High-End Finishes to Include in Your Dream Home

Building a dream home is something we all envision as part of our life plan. While customising a lavish house down to the last detail, without financial, builder or permit concerns, is in reality, a hard task, there’s nothing wrong with indulging a little fantasy every now and then! Forget the budget for a moment and consider incorporating even just a few of your favourite features, fixtures and finishes into your home’s design. To give you some extra inspiration, we’ve compiled some of the most luxe, striking and timeless ideas you should consider when building your forever home…

1. An elegant kitchen
It’s the heart of every home! Full of light, warmth, laughter and love! Everyone dreams of a lavish, grand kitchen, complete with soaring ceilings and an abundance of gorgeous cabinetry. Think a butcher block island and beadboard walls for added elegance and finish with striking pendants for a classic high-end look.

dream homeImage: Houzz – Westbrook Interiors

2. Double islands
It goes without saying that a truly extravagant kitchen should have two islands – one with a sink and storage, and one dedicated to dining. For a truly fancy, contemporary touch, consider implementing a built-in bar to store all that high-end wine!

3. Luxe Laundry
It’s often overlooked, but a no-expenses-spared home isn’t complete without an OTT laundry. Think custom-built dog wash stations, plenty of marble and quality taps. Nothing exudes that fresh appeal of a clean laundry like lots of light and lots of white.

4. Vintage sofa
Whether you opt for a high-quality leather or something plush and overstuffed with an old-style French vibe, your couch is the epitome of comfort and class. Think classic neutral colours that won’t age and opulent fabrics with a tightly woven finish.

5. Statement wall (in the shower)
It’s the new trend that isn’t going away. Statement walls, be they sleek marble designs or patterned, opulent art, have become the latest way to decorate your bathroom. Keep the palette neutral and go for a bold wall that stands out and oozes extravagance.

dream homeImage: Houzz – Lilya Koshcheeva

6. Spa and swimming pool
The outdoor spa is a classic feature of all those fancy, dream homes you see on the big screens. Usually, it’s accompanied by a pool of impressive design and scale! Consider the contemporary trend of sunken pools with a built-in spa section, or add a lively lounge space in the centre for something a little bit extra.

7. Outdoor oasis
A dream home needs an outdoor area to match. We love a trendy fire pit, perfect for all the lavish summer parties you’ll be throwing. Lounge seating is the one must-have though, so make sure it’s something durable that ties into your theme. Opt for a vibrant colour for a bold statement and compliment the setting with a casual hammock for those lazy days.

8. No ordinary wardrobe
Those with glamorous homes normally require a larger than normal space to house all their equally glamorous clothes. Make it look like a chic boutique and add a centre island with extra storage, large floor-to-ceiling mirrors, vast airy windows and dedicated shelving for shoes, handbags, etc.

Image: Houzz – Grech & Grech

9. Hand-painted walls
With so many luxe and high-tech design options on offer, the simple elegance of hand-painted walls was somewhat forgotten for a while. The style is making moves on the interior design circuit once again, with soft, clean designs becoming particularly popular in children’s rooms.

10. Theatre room
What’s a dream home without its own cinema? Source that huge screen, some comfy leather recliners with all the built-in luxuries and snuggle up with the popcorn for the ultimate opulent binge fest!

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Kaylah Chesson

Kaylah is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws degree at Deakin University. Her particular areas of interest include property and land law, home design and the creative arts.


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