Tips To Prevent Homebuyer’s Remorse

The journey to buying a house is an exciting, emotional experience that will surely leave millions of questions running through your mind. Whilst simple ones may be easily answered, the questions of doubt and potential buyers remorse may make you feel as though you have settled for a home that isn’t the perfect fit. To ensure your journey to becoming a homeowner is a stress-free affair, here are some tips to avoid and overcome those feelings of remorse and dread that are all too common:

Do Not Be Pressured By Auctions
When shopping to buy a home keep, your budget clear in your mind. Too often, homebuyers are swayed too easily by the pressures of an auction and other bidders and end up over-committing to a home that may fall short. Setting clear boundaries in terms of your price range will ensure you are making decisions logically and financially rather than emotionally.

avoid buyers remorse

Private Viewings
Open house inspections can create substantial pressure for home buyers, not only from the agent but with the presence of other competition heightening a sense of urgency in the final sale. To give yourself an opportunity to view the home in a relaxed environment at a comfortable pace, it is suggested that you ask for a private viewing. Being in a calmer headspace will allow you to focus more on the details of the home and ask the important questions, reducing any buyers remorse you may feel if you committed under pressure.

Make A List Of Wants And Needs
Before beginning your shopping around, sit down and make a list of what features/ requirements you are looking for in your next home with your budget in mind. When house hunting, compare the homes you like to that list and check how they measure up. Remember, it isn’t uncommon to talk yourself out of needing things you previously listed if you start to gain an emotional attachment to a house. Go home and think about the missing feature before deciding if it’s an element you can happily live without or add in the future.

Talk To Your Neighbours
If all signs are pointing in a positive direction, the next step is to say hello to your potential neighbours. Not only will you get a feel for who you will be sharing a fence with, but you are also presented with the opportunity to ask them questions about the area, community and unmask any hidden dealbreakers you may not have discovered otherwise.

avoid buyers remorse

Think Extra Hard About Fixer-Uppers
Houses that need renovation may be the worst for conjuring potential buyers remorse. Committing to fixing up a home to create your dream mansion is a huge project and can often be decided with little thought. When buying a house, make a comprehensive list of all the things that needed to be replaced/ repaired and triple check them alongside your budget. Too often, buyers will make the commitment to renovate and realise they may be in over their heads after the sale has been approved.

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Breanna Taylor

Breanna Taylor is a third-year journalism and PR student studying at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. She has a strong passion for interior design and a growing interest in property development and renovation.


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