5 smart home tools to improve your home’s resale value

It is a widely accepted truth amongst real-estate agents that smart-homes sell quicker. Nothing puts a potential buyer offside like clunky, archaic appliances. In fact, by upgrading to smart-tools, you can secure a 5% increase in your home’s resale value. For those not looking to sell, the utter convenience and added safety benefits of smart-appliances are ample reason to invest in these futuristic features. Here are our top five picks of smart home tools to boost a home’s resale value:

smart home

1. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Strides in smoke-detection technology are revolutionizing home-safety. A range of new ‘smart’ alarms will test themselves automatically up to 400 times a day, vocally communicate where the smoke is being detected, and even discern between a genuine threat and burnt toast. Most of these devices dually function as carbon-monoxide detectors, warning against the presence of the unnoticeable but lethal gas. This added safety measure is highly marketable to prospective buyers.

2. Clever climate control
Heating and cooling have come a long way from analogue thermostats and unresponsive remotes. Intelligent climate systems now use geofencing to monitor the activity of a household and adjust the temperature of specific rooms accordingly, optimizing thermal comfort. The efficiency of this technology is sustainable for both the climate and your wallet. In today’s market, high energy ratings are increasingly sought-after.

smart home climate control

3. Bright lights
The ‘smart light’ category boasts an incredible range of prices and capabilities in a smart home. This technology is revolutionary, with the capacity to operate every light in the house from a phone or tablet. Most smart-lights are Wi-Fi-enabled and allow the homeowner to set schedules, dim or change the colour of lighting without flicking a switch. However, it is important that you do your research around this accessory. If not, you may be paying for features that, while fun, are not necessary to the practical function of your space.

4. Motorized blinds
The essence of luxury. While a little costly up front, this smart-device is the key to an upmarket feel. Most models also have ‘sun sensors’ which also optimize sunlight and shade for passive heating or cooling techniques.

smart home

5. The security fit-out
Nothing sells like safety and, at the end of the day, the security of your family and home is paramount. If you are going to pick just one smart-tool, go for a security solution. For its versatility and support-options, we love RACV’s Smart Home Security program. Partnering with Samsung’s ‘smart-think’ technology, RACV offers a range of security packages with professional installation and setup. The versatility of RACV’s smart security system is fantastic; ranging from self-surveillance options to 24/7 monitoring by trained security consultants. They even offer ‘wireless’ solutions for tenets. Having always been a reassuring presence on the road, RACV now provides the same support to home-owners.

To find out more about securing your home with RACV, click here.

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Nikki Sitch

Nikki is completing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Creative Writing. When not studying, she is rearranging her share-house according to the latest interior trends.


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