How Could You Improve Your Home?

Home renovation is a call to action most people tend to neglect after a certain stage of life. Do you remember the day you moved into your house? There was a creative force invested in it for the first few months to turn it from a house to a home. The doors weren’t squeaking, the floors weren’t cracking, and the paint on the walls was still fresh and free from the stains and marks that come with family life. Have you looked around your house recently and felt like something needs to change? Here are a few reasons why you should invest in home renovation.


Add Value to your Home

Whether you’re renovating to love it or list it, sprucing up your home is a sure fire way of increasing its value. Attributes such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and floor space are the first port of call for potential buyers. An extension could transform your house into a family home, whilst modernising the kitchen or rejuvenating the outdoor space can really show off the potential lifestyle that comes with it.
In updating or extending your home, you can add to the overall value of the house. The return on investment can be great if you’re looking to sell your home and will significantly increase the amount tenants are willing to pay in rent.


The Kooyong 211 by Burbank (Vic) 

Find What Works for You

Home renovation projects also present a great opportunity to get creative with the space you already have. Take some time to think about what you value in life and how to introduce this to your living space. If you love to cook and entertain guests, you might want to start by modernising the kitchen. Thinking of starting a family? Create a nursery space and check out ideas for a rec room for the kids. This is your chance to transform your home into a place that reflects your lifestyle.


Go Green

Beyond your needs, you could also look at a bigger picture. Perhaps it’s time to turn your house into an eco-friendly unit and take measures to improve your carbon footprint. Many of the green modifications that can be made to your home are surprisingly affordable, and this isn’t to mention the money you’ll save on energy bills in the long run! Think about installing insulation to use less energy during the winter, or investing in solar panels so as to use less electricity. Add energy efficient LED lighting where possible to improve the look of your home in a way that won’t cost the earth. Speak to sustainability consultants throughout your home renovation project and create a guilt-free, greener home.

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Aly Houssien

Egyptian-born Aussie with a passion for sports, over 5 years of copywriting experience in several industries, Aly specialises in renovation and home improvement.


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