8 Trends For Your New Home Bathroom

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Bathrooms are an exciting room to style in your new home. Typically, bathroom style is reserved for practicality and function first and foremost. However, there are many fantastic ways to spice up your bathroom and make it your favourite room in the house.

Here are 8 trends that have us dying to give our own bathrooms a major makeover.

8 Bathroom Trends of 2017 for your New Home

1. Patterned tiles

If you have ever had a look at bathrooms on Instagram or Pinterest, you will definitely have seen the takeover of patterned tiles. Often bathrooms do not have the wall space for art and personal touches that show personality, but when practicality meets art, you get a fantastic bathroom tile!

2. Bathtubs

Is there really anything more beautiful than an old school claw foot or minimal free standing bath? Create a space in your house that you can retreat to, relax in a warm tub with a good book and a few candles.

3. Bath Benches, Stools & Accessories

Don’t go overboard with this one but there are some fantastic accessories that can make your bath more comfortable, entertaining or beautiful. Check out these great bath benches, stools and other fun accessories – you can even get wine glass holders for your bath.

4. Statement lighting

Practical lighting is vital for a bathroom, especially for that winged eyeliner, but many people are moving away from generally built-in lighting to more statement pieces that add character to your space. We share lighting tips from the experts.

5. Wall art

If you do have the room for some wall art, make sure you utilise the space in an exciting way, steering clear of traditional bathroom artwork. There are so many more fun alternatives!

6. Copper

This one is general décor trend that can look stunning in your bathroom. Pops of copper can brighten up your space. This looks fantastic with copper taps, towel holders or handles.

7. Dark Walls & Cabinets

We have mentioned here that dark hues are totally in. Many people tend to steer clear of dark colours in small spaces, such as bathrooms, but don’t be afraid. If paired with mirrors, good lighting and floors, dark walls will not make your space look small. You just have to choose a balance that works.

8. Minimalism

If you do opt for a darker hue for your bathroom, decluttering your space, will assist with making your space feel larger. There is nothing that makes a bathroom look small than when it is overrun with stuff.

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Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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