How to Create Space in a Small Bedroom

Working with a small bedroom doesn’t have to be limiting. While a bed may be the primary feature of the room, there are many subtle tricks that can be used to declutter a room and create an open feel. Storage space is at a premium in any home so we’ve put together some hacks to utilise storage options in a small bedroom and create space using what you already have.

Create storage space under the bed
The bed takes up most of the floor-space in small bedrooms, while the space below it is often under-utilised. Once solely the domain of monsters and the odd stray sock, you can purchase an array of storage solutions to occupy the floor-space under the bed. Many bed frames on the market feature drawers, which may be suitable if you are looking to buy new furniture. These purpose-built frames are a sophisticated way to incorporate storage under your bed.
Alternatively, there are a number of affordable and flexible options. IKEA stocks a range of under-bed storage boxes to fit underneath your bed frame. Bed risers can also be added to create space under even the lowest base.


Use the area along your walls
Create more space in a small bedroom by adding shelving to the walls. Five minutes of Pinterest is enough to gain inspiration on how to use shelving as storage in a way that’s practical and aesthetically pleasing!
Although the thought of putting up shelving may seem daunting to the inexperienced, there are plenty of online tutorials that make this task accessible to everyone. Many homeware retailers offer a variety of affordable shelves, making this an affordable and simple storage solution.

Don’t forget behind the door
Every space counts when searching for storage in a small bedroom. Capitalise on the dead space behind your door by installing a row of hooks. At only a few dollars, these hooks create a convenient place to hang towels, jackets, and bags.

Let there be light!
Natural light can work wonders in opening up a room! Use natural light and a light colour scheme in a small bedroom to create a more open, airy environment. Large windows connect your room to the outdoors whilst additional light features can be incredibly effective in opening up any dark corners in a room. A plain blind can be used for privacy and to dispell any unwanted light in the morning.


Make the most of mirrors
Trick the eye into thinking that the space is bigger by strategically placing mirrors around the room. Choose a point in the room to focus on and angle a mirror towards it to create more depth in a room. This can work wonders as light bounces off the mirror creating the impression of a more open space. Positioning a mirror to reflect the outdoors is particularly effective in making a room look larger.

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James Prosser

James completed a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) from Monash University in November 2018. Outside of his work as a writer, he is passionate about travel and enjoys surfing and Australian Rules Football.


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