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Bathroom Inspiration | The Latest Bathroom Tips & Trends

Bathrooms serve a very practical purpose in our homes, and as a result, some people may feel limited by requirements to get creative with bathroom design. While you certainly don’t want shower water all over the floor or a basin which overflows in seconds, there are many ways to play with a bathroom’s design without hindering its functionality. While our work and home lives are increasingly connected through technology, a bathroom provides an opportunity not only for relaxation, but for privacy, and it’s design should honor your peace and solitude. Here we unpack not only the trends in modern bathroom design, but how to create an intelligently styled space you can enjoy in

Bathroom Inspiration For Your New Home

Subway Tiles


While large bathroom tiles have been popular over the last several years, subway tiles are gaining momentum as a tile-trend in new bathrooms. Part of the reason larger tiles have become so common is simply that larger tiles require less cleaning as there is less space for mould on grout to build up. While there are still many ways to create a modern bathroom design with larger tiles, subway tiles can provide texture and structure, while allowing you freedom to play with colour and style. While they may require more frequent cleaning, subway tiles are very affordable, also allowing you more budget to spend on plants, artworks, luxury towels or some boutique fittings.

Freestanding Bathtubs


Installing a bathtub is one way to establish your bathroom as your own private getaway, to relax and enjoy. Freestanding bathtubs are here to stay for the foreseeable future, and with so many different shapes and styles available, you can find one which not only fits into your room but adds to the styling. If you’re planning a provincial or industrial style bathroom, consider exposed copper pipes as a feature.

Free-Floating Vanities



In keeping with freestanding bathtubs, free floating vanities are a trend which shows no signs of slowing in the coming years. As blocks of land are getting narrower and generally smaller, floor space is precious, and installing a free floating vanity is one way to keep your floor space without compromising storage space.

Industrial / Black Fixtures



While matte and metallic finishes were all the rage in 2016-17, copper and matte blacks are ideal for 2018 modern / industrial style bathrooms. If you don’t want to commit to a certain theme for your bathroom, chrome and black are both elegant and versatile. If you’re a bit more adventurous, copper fixtures can serve as a statement piece across several different stylings, provided you take care with your colour combinations. Our top tip: while there is plenty around, avoid gold fixtures (with the exception of provincial and vintage stylings). Being a bold metallic, gold is only ever in fashion for short bursts at a time, whereas bathroom designs require longevity, to create a space for you to enjoy through every season.

Plants & Natural Light



Creating a living space which fosters calm, focus, happiness and peace, means creating a space which remains connected to nature and the outdoors. The natural light in your bathroom will be dependant on your floor plan and location, so skylights are a creative way to access the sunlight if your location proves tricky. While flowers in bathrooms can inspire a vintage feel, alternatives like pot plants and hanging plants can work in modern & cooler stylings to add calm to the space without making it bright. There are also some really awesome plants that thrive in a humid environment that will perfect for your bathroom.

Blue Is King, But Pink Is Queen



Blue has strong associations with the sky, water and the ocean, and has always been a popular choice for bathroom colours. Blues and whites in bathrooms are timeless but that doesn’t mean other colours can’t be brought into the mix. While modern bathrooms are capitalising on blue, one trend we’ve noticed in design spaces is the return of pastel pink. One of the biggest mistakes people make in their bathroom designs is choosing too many cold colours; e.g grey, blue, silver and charcoal. Cold colours can help a space look simple and modern, but too many and it can be uninviting and miserable. A dusty, pastel pink can add some imagination to an understated design, to help you strike that perfect balance between peaceful and welcoming, between private and comforting, between unwinding from your busy lifestyle and feeling ready for the day ahead.

If you are looking to design a new home with a stunning bathroom, make sure that you talk to one of our expert consultants. They can help you shortlist builders, designs and land estates that will work with your requirements, budget and location. You can talk to a consultant 7 days a week on 1800 184 284 or you can book a call online.

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