Timeless, Creative & Cost-Effective Bathroom Tile Ideas

The bathroom is an essential feature of a home and its design provides a lot of character for the entire property.  Tiles are often the main material utilised when building a bathroom as they are able to infuse a polished look and are a practical choice when it comes to cleaning. When revamping, tiles are quite appealing for setting the theme as they are able to reflect light, especially with light colours and can brighten up the space from being dull. We have provided some bathroom tile ideas to put into action that are timeless, make a statement and will definitely work well with your budget!

Although tiles may be more expensive in comparison to paint, they tend to be more durable and easy to adjust according to the budget you have in mind. There are a range of styles you can incorporate from a minimal border to floor-to-ceiling design. In regard to the resale value, tiles are able to display a clean and fresh bathroom when cleaned regularly. When sealed properly, ceramic tiles are one of the most durable tiling options. The best part? They are cost-effective, easy to maintain and available in a variety of colours and styles so you can show off your flair!

bathroom tile ideas

Half and Half
A smart way to build in tiles while on a tight budget is through wainscoting. This involves tiling from the floor and partway up the wall while leaving the rest of the wall to be covered by a gloss paint for a strong finish. You are able to match several colour shades and bring your own ideas to the mix. This can also be beneficial as it serves another purpose by hindering the backsplash from staining the wall when it has gone above the sink or bathtub. This can provide an easy fix for tidying up the bathroom, particularly with young children who enjoy splashing around.

Bringing In Borders
One of the bathroom tile ideas that provide the opportunity to present your own creative flair without being too costly is by bringing in borders! There are no restrictions for what can be added to border tiles. For instance, you might want to include mosaic tiles or keep it simple by letting it stand alone in contrast to the painted wall. It is an efficient way to get creative but also leaving room to change up the designs if need be for potential buyers in the future.

bathroom tile ideas

On The Floor
A common option that residents prefer is tile flooring as it is more resistant to water as opposed to hardwood floors. When installing ceramic tile floors, ensure that you have an absorption rate of less than 7% as well as friction above 0.60 to avoid soaked and slippery floors. This alternative bathroom tile idea also allows the choice of vinyl tile floors which are cheaper and easier to maintain.

Up, Down And Around
If more of the budget can be used, you can consider having tiles placed all over the bathroom – from top to bottom without having to deal with the wear and tear of paint. This produces a consistent look while also being able to vary the colour and pattern inside the shower area, on the floor and along the walls. Bathroom tile ideas like these bring a cohesive outcome, resulting in making a small space stand out more.

bathroom tile ideas

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Davina Deluao

Davina graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Arts. Through travelling and studying abroad in NYC and LA, her interests for property and design grew and have become her strong pursuit.


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