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Designing A Home Office? Here Are Our Tips

If there is one thing you would want to keep in mind before designing a home office is to not let it turn into another formal monotonous workspace. Getting distracted is easy and now that home offices have become a norm, an upgrade would go a long way in increasing productivity. Besides, segmenting places for relaxation from places of work has effectively boosted competence. Here are a few tips to get you started on designing a home office that balances both comfort and efficiency.

designing a home office

Image: Ikea

Choosing Your Spot 

You do not have to have a dedicated room to have an office space. For many, a corner of the living room or the small space available in the bedroom works just fine. When designing a home office, just remember to pick a spot that works best for you and inspires you. You will want to create an environment that is comfortable and helps you concentrate, so steer clear from areas of noise. Ideally, you’ll want to set yourself in an area that has plenty of natural light or near the window.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

The key to making most of your space is to declutter, especially if you’re working with a smaller space. You’d be surprised how much a small space can accommodate if tiny knick-knacks or objects that don’t really have a purpose are cleared out. Moreover, messy and unorganised desks have provenly decreased productivity. Instead, consider developing a filing system or only have office essentials like pens, post-it notes and notebooks present on the desk. Only choose stationery that you’re using on a daily basis. Having too many items on a desk (especially if it’s small), can make you feel overwhelmed.

designing a home office

Finding The Right Furniture 

Finding the right furniture is all about prioritising function over anything. You will potentially be spending hours sitting in one place. Most people prefer traditional desks for their storage drawers and space. However, many also chose to opt for simple tables. Not only will it help create an airy atmosphere but it will also be clutter-free.

A good chair would ideally be one that offers lumbar support and is comfortable for prolonged hours. Remember – invest in a good chair that serves you rather than settling for a bargain.

Adding Motivational Touches 

One of the best parts about designing a home office is that you have the freedom to personalise it. While minimalistic designs are conventionally chosen for workspaces, you can add pops of colour and make the space livelier. Similarly, hanging a calendar up in sight in lieu of a digital planner, highlighting deadlines and a to-do list can be helpful.

Finally, consider adding motivational quotes that have inspired you or books that have influenced you. Personalising spaces have a way of adding character and enhancing comfort thereby improving productivity.

designing a home office

Image: Getty

Setting Up Tech 

While being near power outlets seems commonsensical, setting it up may be trickier. Ideally, you would want a wireless hub using wireless routers and a wireless mouse that gives you the flexibility to switch places. Alternatively, you could opt for desks that guide wires into them, thus hiding them and making it neater.

Ask yourself if you have all the equipment in place for your daily routine, such as video conferences and phone calls. Don’t forget to include a table lamp that doesn’t emit a glare. Here, a yellow-cast may just be the right call.

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