Double Storey House Design to Increase your Home’s Street Appeal

Kerb appeal counts. It takes a potential buyer just eight seconds to decide whether or not they are interested in your home. Often, double storey house designs are burdened by flat and uninteresting exteriors. The facade of your house should create a memorable aesthetic experience. First impressions matter. Here’s how to nail them by following a few simple design principles for a double storey house design:

Double storey house designImage: Pinterest Habitus Living

From the street, double storey house design can appear flat and monolithic. To combat this, it is important to consider adding textural elements to your home’s façade. A mixed-material exterior will give your design a bold and urbane quality. Select finishes that happily contrast. Try combining brick and timber, or tile and rendering.

Double storey house designImage: Pinterest Arkhaus Studio

Pair-back colour. Most current trends in double storey house design incorporate a modern, neutral palette of greys, blacks and whites. Offsetting and contrasting these tones is also a great strategy to make your home pop!

Focal points are visually satisfying. Adding these to your design will create a better aesthetic experience of your home, guiding the eye to its strongest features. Tread carefully when working with this design principle. A house with too many focal points can give the impression of disorientation and clutter. Try directing the eye to a single element. For example, a colourful front door will create a centred and inviting visual passageway into the home. This will help with the property’s overall cohesion. Some other ideas for establishing a focal point include trendy awnings, large pots, or a brick feature-wall.

This is another principle that will enhance the aesthetic experience of your two storey house design. A home with unbalanced features creates visual chaos from the street. However, balance doesn’t mean perfect symmetry. If you have opted for a more angular and asymmetrical design, visual weight can still be evenly distributed with landscaping, lighting or colour motifs.

Double storey house design

The height of a two-storey home can create an awkward aesthetic of instability or heaviness.  Anchoring is a process of visually grounding your house, using a darker base to visually stabilize the design. This can be achieved through tiling, painting or planting. For example, a white facade could be contrasted with darker, inky landscaping around its base.

Double storey house designImage: Pinterest Lucy Brown

Seemingly trivial but all important; ornate fittings are the key to street-appeal. A luxury look can be inexpensively achieved; go for a wide pivoting door, tall vertical windows, a hanging chair or an extravagant knocker.

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Nikki Sitch

Nikki is completing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Creative Writing. When not studying, she is rearranging her share-house according to the latest interior trends.


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