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How To: Make First Impressions Last in Your New Home Design

A design that blends style with comfort is all you would want for your home, especially after a long day at work. After all, your home is a reflection of who you are and it’s understandable that you will want your new home design to showcase the best of you. From picking the right timber doors to hanging quirky wall art, your new home can be designed with style and longevity in mind. Here are five tips to make first impressions last in your new home design…

new home design

Home Design: Breamlea 425 by Fairhaven Homes

1. Begin with the exterior appeal
New home design plans often forget about the exterior of the house because you spend most of your time indoors and that’s where you would entertain guests too. However, first impressions will begin with the street appeal of your house. Depending on whether you want a traditional feel or a sleek modern design, think about the style of the entryway door and the colour of the paint. Do you want a classically styled door with shiny paint or a steel-framed door with design grills? Remember that you’ll want to carry this design into the house so make sure to pick something that would reflect the interiors as well.

2. Colour me up
Your possible palette for this is almost unlimited. Walls dictate the mood of your space, hence choosing colours that personally appeal to you will determine how your décor makes you feel. The exposed brick aesthetic in living rooms has become a popular choice to add a definitive character to your house. Orange in the living room can make it warm and inviting. Guest bedrooms painted in autumn hues like olive green or turquoise bring a sense of peace in the space. Alternatively, feature walls are a great way to add colour without being too loud about it.

new home design

Home Design: Jackson 35 by Privium Homes

3. Furniture and clutter
Remember to always take into consideration three factors in your new home design – form, function and aesthetic. Before you splurge on new furniture, free up your home from excess items and consider repurposing furniture. Consider having a minimalistic collection with a visually finer style that complements this uncluttered space. Think of getting recessed shelves showcasing your book collection or family photos. Nothing says clever design like simplicity. This minimalism would ensure that each piece stands out in itself, thus exuding a chic feeling throughout the house.

4. Fresh flowers and foliage
Indoor greenery can bring life to spaces and add an organic touch to your modern decor. But, you will want to be smart with this! Remember that indoor plants would require care so opt for something which is low maintenance. Flowers, on the other hand, would be a great alternative to appeal to the senses. Fragrance really has an impact on first impressions and there is nothing like the pleasant scent of lilies to charm your guests!

new home design

Home Design: Glendale 42 by Metricon

5. Fashioning a unique design
For finishing touches, you can go all out on your artsy side. Maybe it’s something your four-year-old child drew or something that you found in a flea market. Quirky artwork will also help construct a signature aesthetic that’s unique to just you. Consider hanging large paintings in a well-lit, expansive area opposite the front door. It’s one of the first things your guests will notice and speak volumes to your taste and personality!

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Preity Bhandary

Preity is currently pursuing a Master of Global Media Communication at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about sustainable housing and loves exploring the historic architecture of cities.


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