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Here’s How To Achieve Your Floor Plan Goal

It is important to ensure that the floor plan is best suited to every resident’s needs and lifestyle. Whether you are embracing a new place, renovating your property or downsizing, the right plan is an essential feature in completing the whole structure of the house and bringing a solid foundation for the overall design. Here are some tips to avoid common mistakes when upgrading and redesigning your ideal floor plan!

The Right Fit
When browsing various plans, it is easy to get distracted and forget to properly assess the functionality of the entire plan when specifically paired with your home. You will have to take into consideration what works best and what your preferences are, such as having open floors or installing partitions. While going on model home visits, get accustomed to the layout and flow of the whole property without getting side-tracked by the upgrades that the display home brings along. During the decision-making process, it is also helpful to imagine the entertainment areas being occupied and fully used to make sure there is enough space for guests to enjoy.

floor plan

One Step At A Time
There is no rush to automatically understand the symbols and floor drawings when planning for your home. The location for many architectural features from floor to ceiling would need to be properly considered in order to make the best use of the house and cut costs. When keeping future living in mind, stick with the budget and avoid overspending by planning for the present. If there are any changes or additional amenities to include later on, add them to the budget but make sure to prioritise what’s needed now rather than what can be upgraded later. By establishing a clear budget, you are able to steer clear of any financial hassles and live comfortably.

The Whole Picture
It is vital to focus on interiors such as the size of existing furniture and whether it is compatible with the dimensions of the floor plan. This can be checked through measuring existing furniture and seeing whether you are in need of less or additional space. Although you are able to modify the set-up of your floors, be mindful of the fact that the location of the property can’t be changed. You may find yourself wanting to adapt the exact same layout of a model home and may not get the same outcome as your location will have completely different views and aesthetics.

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Family First
In the search for the ideal home, safety should be a top priority, especially if you are living with children. There may be features such as balconies and stairs that may look appealing on paper but might not be the best option for the young ones in the family as they can be placed in harm’s way. When deciding final outcomes, share and discuss your opinions with the rest of the family. You can bring them along when surveying or touring model houses to avoid any clashes and welcome different perspectives. Their reactions and preferences can ease the burden of being the sole decision-maker and can also be a great help with finalising the ultimate floor plan.

If you’re left still wanting tips and tricks to assist in your new home design, be sure to speak with one of our home experts on 1800 184 284. They are independent and highly motivated to see you achieve your dream home goals and can offer you so much more! You can also book a call online.

Davina Deluao

Davina graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Arts. Through travelling and studying abroad in NYC and LA, her interests for property and design grew and have become her strong pursuit.


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