The War Of The Baths: Freestanding VS Built-In

Bathroom fixtures and decor have come a long way over the past few design decades. In fact, bathtubs have gone from a practical and functional fixture to something that can be a focal point of the room and help change the whole look. As if there weren’t enough decisions to make for your bathroom renovation, here is another one to choose from – the choice between having a freestanding or built-in bathtub.

Both of these types have their own positive attributes that make them an attractive option to choose. If you’re weighing up the pros and cons between the two, check out our handy guide to help you make an informed bathroom renovation decision!

bathroom renovation

House Design: Doulton 56 by Metricon


Freestanding Bathtub Pros



  • We have all seen it before – the stunning pictures on Pinterest and Instagram of beautiful bathrooms with large, stunning bathtubs that make you want to draw a bath! Freestanding tubs are a great feature that dominates the room




  • They are chic and contemporary and can help act as the focal point of the room, immediately giving it some character




  • Freestanding bathtubs also help increase the resale value


Freestanding Bathtub Cons



  • Because of their size and weight, freestanding bathtubs are generally more expensive, even when the installation is considered




  • As they are heavy and large in size, they could require floor reinforcements




  • Because they are bigger than built-in tubs, it would be an issue to install in a small bathroom. Which is why this type of bathtub is more successful when installing as part of a brand new build




  • It is important to know that babies, toddlers and elderly might have a risk of slipping when getting in and out if they are not catered for


bathroom renovation

House Design: Breamlea 504 by Fairhaven Homes

Built-in Bathtub Pros



  • Most Australian bathrooms are already equipped with built-in bathtubs. This is a common and more utilitarian option for a bathroom renovation




  • It is a practical and safer choice for families who have babies and toddlers as it is more sturdy




  • Built-in bathtubs don’t need a lot of space and they can easily be installed into small bathrooms. They also function well as a shower/ bath combination and you have the choice of using a shower curtain or opting for a glass shower screen


Built-in Bathtub Cons



  • If it is being used a shower/ bath combination, then it can be a bit harder to clean




  • Compared to a freestanding bathtub, there are not many materials and designs to choose from, not making it as visually appealing as a freestanding




  • Built-in tubs require sealing, mounting and creation a surround, which in fact makes the installation more difficult than a freestanding


House Design: Kelly 211 by Burbank

The Choice Is Yours


We hope the pros and cons give you something to think about, but when it comes down to choosing one of the two for your bathroom renovation, the choice is personal. It will all depend on how much space your bathroom has and if your budget agrees with what you have in mind.

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Manya Mehra


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