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Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Visitors Feel Right at Home

A few festive flourishes in your guest bedroom can go a long way in making your guests feel welcome. After all, the holiday season does see a spur in visitors and it’s great to have a cosy guest bedroom ready to go. Small touches in your guest bedroom can leave a big impact on your guests and save you from scrambling for some last-minute fixes. Here are 7 thoughtful guest bedroom ideas to make your visitors feel right at home!

1. Choose a theme
The key to house décor is to maintain an easy flow within rooms. This begins with picking an overarching theme consistent within the house. Carry this theme into your guest bedroom and opt for a colour scheme that matches with the other rooms. Remember that guest bedrooms are a place to unwind. A neutral palette with autumn colours like navy blue, olive or dark maroon will be the ideal choice for that.

guest bedroom ideas

Home Design: Cheney 207 by Burbank

2. Declutter
Spare bedrooms often become a place to store old furniture or items that don’t have any place in the house. However, when you’re looking for guest bedroom ideas to redo your space, you will want to declutter these items in order to make as much space as possible. Not only will this give you a creative license to repurpose some of these items, but also make the room appear larger.

3. Bedside table
You will want your guest bedroom to be practical and functional. For this, remove all unnecessary items from the bedside tables and tiny knick-knacks. A jar of water or a post-it with the Wi-Fi information are of the thoughtful gestures you can make for your guest to feel at home.

guest bedroom ideas

Home Design: Emperor 38 by Plantation Homes

4. Linen
An easy idea that can make the space look inviting and comfortable is to simply throw on some fresh sheets and fluffy pillows. The aesthetic appeal of the bedroom will depend on these so make sure you choose contrasting tones. If you have walls of bright patterns or solid bright colours, use pastel or neutral tones for your sheets. A blanket on the armchair with a few magazines or dark coloured curtains on the window can make all the difference.

5. Stock up on essentials
When gathering guest bedroom ideas, you’ll want to pay attention to your closest and bathroom. Make sure the closet has basics like an iron, ironing board and extra hangers for your guests. Stock the bathroom with soaps, shampoos and plenty of towels.

home design

Home Design: Sentosa 52 by Metricon

6. Space savvy
If your guest bedroom is small and may not have enough space to accommodate chairs or bedside tables, fashioning a simple plank of wood for a shelf near the bed can work out perfectly. Placing a lamp or a vase of flowers will instantly refresh your room. Additionally, you can also consider placing scented candles with a light and less overpowering fragrance.

7. Mirrors
Mirrors are a popular go-to for small spaces. They bounce the light in the room and give the illusion of space. Placing full-length mirrors near windows or in the bathroom can dramatically change the look for very little effort.

Finally, you can even consider hanging quirky wall art or wreaths to add a festive touch to your decor. While redecorating your guest bedroom, remember to always prioritize function over form as much as you can! We hope these guest bedroom ideas help you design your own.

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Preity Bhandary

Preity is currently pursuing a Master of Global Media Communication at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about sustainable housing and loves exploring the historic architecture of cities.


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