Home Organisation Ideas For Back To School Season

The summer school holidays is a period filled with excitement and relaxation. But is always wise to take the time out to prepare your child for a new school year. The start of a new school year can get a little hectic and yes time sure flies when you are enjoying it. Here are the 5 simple home organisation ideas to help your child make the adjustment for back to school season (and help you stress less too!)

1. Organise the Bedroom Closet

Get your kids to try on old clothes to check the fit, wearable conditions and track usage. Put those clothes in separate piles for donation, hand-me-downs or to rid them. After going through the wardrobe, sort the rest of the clothes according to colours or practicality and make a list of all the items they will need for the new school year. Get your kids involved. This way they will be motivated to keep their closets neat and tidy all throughout the school season. Put away out-of-season clothing in a vacuum storage bag in the space underneath the bed, if available. One of the most recommended home organisation ideas is to prepare school uniforms ahead of time.

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2. Enforce Guidelines on Screen Time

Adopt a consistent disciplinary approach by setting consensual agreements on screen time before the new school year commences. Make a list of priorities that your child hopes to achieve and allocate appropriate time for homework, outdoor activities, family time and participating in household chores. Set a time limit and includes a checklist of things your child has to do before screen time is allowed.

3. Set Up ‘Grab and Go’ After School Snack Station

After a long day at school, the last thing you want to hear is your children complain about having no food to eat at home. Create a self-serve healthy snack stand in the kitchen’s corner so they can satisfy their hunger with speed. Store some yogurt, cheeses, pre-cut fruits and veggies or pre-cooked meals in the fridge, and a variety of sweet and savoury options to suit their schedule and level of activities. These home organisation ideas also come in handy when we have overslept and messed up our morning routine. You want to make sure your kids do not go to school on an empty stomach. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

home organisation ideas

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4. Bedroom Makeover

Starting a new school year is a big transition for your young child. You can help celebrate the beginning of an important milestone with an awesome bedroom makeover as your child grows a year older. Work on a budget to maximise the use of space and incorporate your child’s style preference that perfectly tailors to their needs. You can add decorative wall shelves or hooks to display photos, accessories and other small collectible items without taking up more space. You may also want to reposition the desk near the window for some natural light. Home organisation ideas need not be expensive, a few little tweaks can transform your child’s bedroom into a brand new one.

5. Establish a Homework Zone

Get your child into the habit of being organised and task-oriented by providing a conducive learning environment. Keep important school documents and achievement awards in a portfolio and use colourful storage boxes for storing miscellaneous school supplies to help your child remain focussed. A homework area allows you to monitor your child’s progress at school.

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Getting your home organised before the school year begins can set you and your family up for success in the mornings. We hope these home organisation ideas help you feel more prepared for the big day!

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