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Kitchen Design Ideas: Choosing The Perfect Splashback

Splashbacks: a key element of your kitchen design that marries practicality with creativity. Implemented to protect walls from heat, water, food splatters and grease, a well-designed splashback can also act as a space to let your design flair run wild. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the right splashback for your kitchen.

kitchen design

Home design by: Fairhaven Homes

1. Consider the colour scheme and the general theme of the space
It’s important to decide early on how you are going to make your splashback work within the grand scheme of your kitchen and overall home design. Choose a colour that is featured throughout your house or make this a starting point from which you can draw inspiration. Subway tiles can work in both rustic or modern kitchens, with variations in tile and grout colours making a difference. A patterned tile can make a neutral space feel luxurious and spacious. A more minimalistic kitchen might benefit from a pop of colour, or you might want to keep it monochromatic and inject colour with your décor choices. The possibilities are endless!

2. Consider whether or not you want your splashback to be a feature
You’re going to need a splashback anyway, so why not make it the star of your kitchen? You can achieve this by choosing a statement design, aligning your tiles in a unique layout or contrasting a cool or neutral space with a pop of colour. Alternatively, you may want to make another element the focal point of your kitchen design, such as the benchtop or cabinetry. In this case, ensure your splashback complements this element and makes it shine.

kitchen design

Home design by: Metricon

3. Choose your material
When selecting the material for your splashback, consider the following:

– Will it show the grime?

– Will it withstand kitchen wear and tears?

– Is it easy to clean?

– How much does it cost/will it fit into my budget?

From here, you have a variety of options. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most common materials, with both being relatively durable. Glass adds light and luminosity to a space and is easy to clean. Adding a unique texture such as stainless steel or stone makes a bold statement.

kitchen design

Home design by: Plantation Homes

4. Consider the layout
If you’re opting for a tiled splashback, consider how the layout will work into your kitchen design. A plain tile can be spruced up by laying them in a herringbone or modular panel formation, or by choosing a unique shape like hexagons or penny rounds.

5. Consider the size
The size of your tiles will create as significant of a design impact as your colour, texture and material choice. Larger tiles work best in a larger space but can limit your ability to get creative with layout and patterns. Smaller tiles will allow you to make an impact with bold grout lines but can make your space look busy. Consider your space and overall kitchen design when selecting the right size for your tiles.

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Adrianne Kalla

Adrianne is an aspiring writer completing her final year of a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) at Deakin University. She is passionate about experimental interior design and would love to build her own house one day.


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