7 Homeware Pieces to Complete Your Newly Built Home

There’s nothing more rewarding than decorating your home with the latest in design trends to create the look you love. Laura Eva, visual merchandiser of Dare Gallery shares some expert advice on ways to easily decorate your home without breaking the budget to get the latest look in furniture and homewares.


Rethink your colour palette. Colour has an enormous impact on our mood. Decide what colour you are aiming for in each room and create a theme around that colour. Once you have the right colour and theme you are ready to decorate and find items to add to your rooms that will work with the palette you already have.

Wall Art

Add wall art. These days you don’t need to spend a fortune on artwork. It looks great and can it can create a dramatic and refreshing touch to your home. To save time, shop online for some great pieces of wall art and find a piece that reflects your own style and personality. (Shop Wall Art)


New-look Cushions. There are a variety of cushions available to suit different tastes. Cushions are the perfect way to bring new life and freshen up a tired room. Don’t be afraid to use different patterns and bold colours to add interest without dominating the room. (Shop Cushions)


Accessories. One of the best ways to create beautiful spaces to achieve the latest look is to add a few simple accessories. Select from vases, bowls, candles, sculptural pieces, clocks, trays and jars to spruce up any room. Introduce items that can change the flavour of the space over time to keep your room looking fresh and current. Play with textures and different elements and be consistent within your approach. (Shop Accessories)


Sleek Side Tables. If you have the room, add a stylish side table. Not only is it functional but it will add character to your room. Choose from glass, timber or even a lightweight concrete. There are many on-trend styles to choose from. (Helsinki Side Table)


Rug it up. Rugs can be a great way to define spaces. A neutral rug can add texture and a colourful rug can offer a pop of brightness to a dull room. Decide how much you want to spend and choose your materials to complement the space. Make sure you measure-up first. (Infinity Rug Large)


Bring on the Buffet. If you don’t have the room and budget to spend on large storage cabinets, then a buffet is an excellent option for kitchen essentials. They are functional and they add character. Opt for classic statement pieces such as hand painted teak and distressed antique or go for simple but stylish neutral timbers or glamorous white high gloss to create a contemporary look. (Malmo Buffet)

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Dare Gallery

Established in 1995, Dare Gallery is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in high quality furniture and home accessories. Over the past 20 years, we’ve grown to over 14 outlets throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


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