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What’s Trending in Kitchen Designs This 2017?

Many people are sure to agree when you say that at the heart of every home is the kitchen. It is, after all, where most days begin and end. Not to mention that it is where many delicious meals are cooked and where friends and family socialise. There may never come a day when you will have no reason to enter it. Big or small, the kitchen plays a vital role in any house. This makes it important for it to look its best while remaining functional.

When you are planning your new house design, it is important to spend some time considering the design of your kitchen. Functionality is key for a kitchen, so don’t compromise on the layout and how you will use it for the most cosmetic features. Creating a space that is functional yet beautiful is ideal, and with these kitchen design trends you will not be short of inspiration.

Check out the following kitchen design trends in 2017 according to each work section so you’ll know where you can start with your new kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trends in 2017

Layout and Function

Gone are the days when kitchens were simply spaces for prepping and cooking. Modern house designs peg them as shared areas where people can also work, entertain, or dine. They are becoming more and more integrated with the rest of the home making it ideal for them to offer more versatility from here on.

The latest concepts will show you dining tables incorporated into bench tops so they would double as office workspaces. These not only create a social vibe but also encourage interaction since people would still be able to hang out even while toiling away on their laptops.

Finish and Style

New house designs are featuring darker colour palettes as of late, and homemakers have started to experiment with black or grey tones. More and more people are buying splash backs, pendant lights, appliances, and feature tiles in moody hues and you might want to follow suit.

You are likely also seeing more textures and layering achieved by mixing finishes and mediums to create visually appealing spaces. Think of porcelain bench tops with 3D tiles, or matte cabinetry with metallic tap ware and sinks.

Storage and Hardware

Cabinetry in contrasting colours will continue to be a winning feature throughout this year. Popular combinations include grey with timber and black with white. Navy blue is also expected to be the hue of the year for kitchens. Accessories in brass, pewter, and other matte finishes should go best with such colour blocking.

As for the storage layout, you can expect an influx of wall hung cabinets that extend to the underside of the ceiling to minimise dust collection and maximise space. Exposed floating shelves and deep cupboard drawers are also set to become the standard along with hidden appliances and butler’s pantries.

Sinks and Tiles

Coloured composite granite sinks with matching mixer taps have really swung into high demand in the market. It goes without saying that monochromatic sinks are also in for 2017. If you are looking for a more luxurious option, gun metal, copper, and other metallic finishes are the way to go.

Tiling has come back as a trend for kitchens with 3D or textured choices making an appearance. Hand-made 150mm porcelain tiles or round mosaics will take the place of Subway tiles, though. At the same time, more interest will be given to larger format or timber-looking ones.

Appliances and Tech

Kitchens are becoming more minimalistic and futuristic in style with people opting to conceal small appliances in pantries or integrating them into the cabinetry. Self-cleaning ovens with built-in steamers are going to be the preferred option along with refrigerators with French doors and range hoods with external motors.

Sight lines will be left open though, and everything that will be on show will likely be in matte black. This trend continues for many house designs in Australia, after all. It cannot be helped considering how it makes the kitchen appear more sleek and neat.

There you have the latest trends in kitchen design for 2017. Hopefully you were able to gather inspiration on what you should add in your new kitchen. If you are looking for a builder, speaking to iBuildNew will help simplify the building process. We can match you up with a builder that can meet all of your building requirements, reducing time wasted researching builders who are not perfect for you. Call one of our expert phone consultants who can provide you with personal advice. Contact us on 1800 184 284 or book a call now.


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