Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Designing A Walk-In Pantry

In the modern kitchen, walk-in pantries are now a must-have. They’re convenient and there’s nothing quite like that perfectly organised feeling they give. But, as you design a house, it can be tricky deciding how to perfectly fit your walk-in pantry into the dynamic of the kitchen. If you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation, here are some tips and tricks to help you design the perfect pantry.

Location, Location, Location

The first hurdle is choosing the location. If your home has built-in space ready to go, this may be the easiest part, but for some, there has to be some trial and error as you renovate. Capitalise on disused hallway cabinets or nooks by installing shelves to create storage, introducing new doors or choosing to have no doors to open up the room.

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Maximising Space

If your pantry is on the small side, creating space will be a top priority during your renovation. Getting custom fit shelves and cubbies are an option for maximising the space in your pantry, and while an expense, will make sure your shelves fit the space perfectly.

Utilising backs of doors and bare walls inside your pantry is another great way to free up some space. Getting small shelves to hang on hooks for spice, small can or utensil storage is a fantastic way to get the most out of your space. It may feel counter-intuitive, but by putting shelves as high as you can, you give space to store those appliances and cookbooks you only find use for once a year. You may need to invest in a step ladder, but the extra space you’ll now have for the items you use daily will be worth it.

If budget and space allow, a small counter at hip height in your pantry will mean you have space to store electrical items like bulky blenders you want out of the kitchen. A small counter will also give you room to unload shopping instead of running between the kitchen and pantry.

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Image: The Organized Home


In terms of design, you can either go with the cabinetry you already have or decide to switch it up to shake up the feel of your kitchen. Using frosted glass doors will help keep unwanted eyes seeing everything your pantry has to offer, but will still let in natural light to keep it feeling light and airy. Going further, a statement door in keeping with the house design may be the way to go to add contrast to your space. Frosted glass windows are a stylish way to ensure that no one can see inside.

Lighting is important when undergoing a kitchen renovation, and it’s just as important in your walk-in pantry. While natural light is the obvious choice, for more illumination, natural downlights in a cool white will be the closest to natural daylight. Sensors that will trigger as you open the door are a great way to avoid fumbling in the dark as you enter for a midnight snack, and will ensure no electricity is wasted if lights are forgetfully left on.

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Image: HGTV

Regardless of how you choose to style and design your pantry, it all comes down to your budget and the space you have. Hopefully, these tips can help you make those important kitchen renovation decisions!

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Ella McEwan

Ella is currently studying a Masters of Journalism at Monash University. She is passionate about interior design and eco-friendly housing.


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