How To: Choose A Colour Palette For Your New Home Design

Choosing the right colour palette can be one of the most daunting steps of designing a new home. Colour can set the mood of a room and determine whether or not your abode is an inviting one. To take some of the pressure off, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you decide what colour palette is best for your new home design.

new home design

Home Design: Fitzgerald 316 by Burbank (VIC)

1. Decide what you want the mood of your house to be

The colours you choose for your new home design will have a considerable impact on how you and your guests feel as they step through the front door. Warm colours like red, orange and yellow are associated with happiness and energy, but can also invoke feelings of urgency and danger when used too intensely. To avoid this, opt for mustard or terracotta shades: these will give your space a cosy, inviting feel. Cool colours like grey, green and blue can invoke a sense of calm and purity, however, going overboard can make your space feel cold, clinical and a little depressing. Opting for pastel shades like baby blue or mint will help you achieve that relaxed feel without being too drab. Of course, you can always make an impact by mixing warm and cool tones.

2. Use the rule of three with (removable) pops of colour

Once you choose your colour scheme, pick about three colours you want to feature heavily in the space. Start by painting your walls a lighter or more neutral colour and featuring your bolder shades in removable pieces like cushions or kettles. Having a certain number of colours to feature in each room will create consistency and flow in your new home design.

new home design

Home Design: Grandview 31 MK2 by Metricon (NSW)

3. Match the paint to your room, not the room to your paint

Paint is inexpensive and can be changed or matched to just about anything. When designing your new home, instead of starting with paint swatches, pick something less flexible, such as tiles, wallpaper, furniture or statement pieces like artworks or rugs. You can base your colour scheme around these pieces or use them as a centre point when making design choices for the rest of the room. Ask yourself: what wall colour will best frame this item? What colours can I pull from it to inspire my décor choices?

4. Start from the biggest room and work your way outwards

The colour scheme you pick for the largest, most central room (usually the living room or kitchen) will set the tone for the rest of the house. You may want to keep this room relatively simple and get creative in smaller rooms or use all the free space to let your imagination run wild. Ensure the main colours in your palette are prominently featured here and use this room as a starting point to create a meaningful flow throughout your home.

new home design

Home Design: Dakota 2814 by Simonds Homes (SA)

5. Don’t rely on paint swatches alone – try before you buy

What might look good as a colour swatch instore could look completely different in your house. Get some mini pots and paint parts of the walls in each room of your house, making sure to test them out in different light settings. This will also help you more accurately match your paint choices to existing furnishings and installations.

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Adrianne Kalla

Adrianne is an aspiring writer completing her final year of a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) at Deakin University. She is passionate about experimental interior design and would love to build her own house one day.


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