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Outdoor Kitchens For Your New House Plans

There is nothing quite like adding your very own outdoor culinary oasis to your house plans, complemented with beautiful greenery and a vivid, intimate ambiance to make your outdoor kitchen everyone’s favourite place to be. You might have been under the impression that outdoor kitchens are solely reserved for culinary aficionados or master chefs that have their own spotlight on a cable TV network; however, the truth is far different.

You don’t need to be a culinary expert to enjoy cooking under the clear blue sky; you just need to love preparing food enough to take one of your favourite hobbies outside. Here is a simple guide on how to add an outdoor cooking station to your new house plans.

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Start With Flooring

Starting from the ground up is always the safest and most prudent first step. The type of floor you choose for your patio or deck will literally set the stage for your future work and will define the personality of the ambiance. More importantly, the floor needs to be sturdy and resilient in order to withstand the wear and tear of time and the outside elements.

You want to practice safety and sustainability from the get go, so slippery, smooth or rugged flooring is out of the question. Typically, outdoor kitchens are located near pools or Jacuzzis, and they frequently get wet from water, oil and grease spills, etc. So, make sure you choose a floor type that provides enough friction and is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the appliances. If you are planning on adding an outdoor kitchen make sure you mention this to your builder so that they can assist you and contribute suggestions.

Pick The Right Location

You might not have given this question much thought, but where you build your outdoor kitchen is very important.

For example, the kitchen needs to be in a place where the smoke from the grill won’t be able to travel back into your home, nor should it be too far away from your house should you have guests both inside and out. You also want to have an unobstructed view of your home from your outdoor area and the kids’ play area shouldn’t be too close to the appliances and cooking equipment.

Choose Your Appliances Wisely

An indoor kitchen appliance is not necessarily the same as an outdoor piece and you want to be prudent and careful with your selection from the start – this could save you money and time down the track. Your basic amenities are the sink, a grill station, and a fridge. These should be integrated into a sturdy island or a bar made out of concrete, marble or steel.

Secondly, your appliances must be able to withstand any outdoor condition. For instance, a modern Bosch cooktop will be able to withstand the test of time while a Viking fridge is able to keep all of your groceries fresh no matter the weather conditions.

Don’t Forget Storage Space

The storage is essential no matter the room, no matter the occasion. Your outdoor kitchen should have adequate storage and countertop space in particular, as cutlery, crockery and dishes should be stored in dry, safe conditions. Makes sure that when you’re finalising your house plans that you incorporate this.

Moreover, you need ample countertop space, as you don’t want to be running back and forth from the main kitchen. If you plan to use your outdoor kitchen all year-round, it’s best to opt for modern, easy-to-clean designs such as marble or stainless steel in order to create a symbiosis of style and functionality.

Complete The Ambiance

Light, furniture, colours, oh my! Now you have come to the fun part, the floor is done, the appliances are set and the only thing left to do is to bring your personal style and flair into the mix.

Consider warm floor lighting that outlines the kitchen, hang lanterns on the columns or the surrounding greenery, place furniture in and around the kitchen area to create an alfresco dining experience – a dinner and a show.

Lastly, don’t forget lounge chairs, throw pillow and blankets for an added dash of comfort on a chilly night. Remember to experiment, and don’t be afraid to complement the ambiance with your favourite decorations. After all, your outdoor kitchen is your playing field.

Cooking under the stars truly is a unique and rewarding experience. Be sure to follow these simple guidelines when designing your outdoor culinary oasis and you will have no problems creating the alfresco kitchen of your dreams.

If an alfresco area is important to you, make sure you compare house plans that fit your needs. You can filter out house designs at or speak to one of our expert phone consultants who can intelligently match you with the right house plans. Call us on 1800 184 284 or book a call online.

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