Perfect Landscape Lighting Design for Your Home

Whether you’re doing a major renovation, looking to build a custom home, or planning to build with a volume builder, bring the new into your life through a new living space is very exciting. Once the construction process is all done, it’s time to start taking care of the smaller things, including the outdoor area – achieving the perfect curb appeal and making your backyard as special as possible. If you too are currently in this part of the whole house-building process, you need to know how to achieve the perfect outdoor lighting, so here are a few tips that might help you with that.

Landscape Lighting Design

Although decorative wall scones and outdoor pedants look quite amazing when installed properly and positioned adequately around your exterior, there’s another idea you should take into consideration: landscape lighting design. There are lots of options you can choose from – pond lights, spot lights, wells, bullets and washes are just some of them – and you can really turn your backyard into something special and illuminate it properly with this type of lighting. All you need to do is define which areas you want to focus on, which light bulbs are the most cost-effective, how to install them properly and maintain them during winter, and you’re good to go!

Choose The Design

First, you need to determine what you’re working with and what parts of your outdoor area you wish to accentuate with new lighting – some people focus on the front of the house, while the others prefer the back, so you can basically go whichever way you want. Take the desired effect of your new lighting plan into consideration and design the area you’ll be shining a new light on. You can choose to highlight different areas and go with different styles, and basically be as creative as you want – after all, you can always change the design after a while and refocus on other parts of your property if you decide the current layout isn’t working for you anymore.

Get involved

If you were involved in the construction of the house from the beginning, you know how important it is to be around every single day and try to help the crew do their job. You probably also took part in designing and planning the layout, which means you were a vital element in the whole home-building process, and that’s quite awesome! Now it’s your time to focus on outdoor lighting and try to do as much as you can on your own – this will save you a ton of cash and give you a chance to make decisions concerning the position and appearance of your lighting. However, even though you’re at home, you mustn’t forget to wear reliable safety clothing while performing some of these tasks, because wearing safety gloves, googles and face shields is the only way to ensure you’re safe and sound while installing your outdoor lighting.

Cover the basics

Whether you’re a fan of shiny driveways or subtly-lighted patios, there are a few key points you need to cover with your outdoor lighting. These are literally all the spots most people generally notice when passing by your new house, and making them stand out as much as possible is a must. Besides the aforementioned driveways and patios, you also have to pay special attention to entryways, fronts doors, steps, water fountains in your backyard, plants and trees around your house, as well as any unusual or unique architectural elements of your exterior. Anything that stands out needs to be emphasised, so find a way to install lights near these spots.
Setting up outdoor lighting is much harder than doing the same thing indoors, but the effect that just a couple of well-positioned light beams can make is extraordinary. And if you have a new house, you’re going to want to enjoy every moment, from those ten seconds walking from your car to the front door to a couple of hours hanging out with your friends and family on your perfectly illuminated patio.

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Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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