A Single Storey House Can Have Big Potential!

That old adage ‘bigger is better’ does not necessarily apply to house design. The modern home is all about the efficient and innovative use of space. Increasingly, families are choosing timeless single storey house plans for their practicality, cost benefits and ease of maintenance. There are plenty of reasons to opt for one-floor living, here is our guide to a few…

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If you are looking to construct your own home, selecting a single storey house plan could reduce build costs by 10-15%. This is because they do not require the same extensive structural consideration and reinforcement as a multistorey home. Their use of fewer materials is also a cost-saving factor. For most prospective Australian homebuilders, opting for a single storey house could constitute a saving of $50,000. It is also worth considering the ongoing dramatically reduced cost of climate control in a single-storey home. Without split levels and multiple climate zones, circulation in a one-floor home is fluid and easily regulated. Ultimately, this means less effort and expense goes towards managing your thermal comfort.

Importantly, a single storey house design expands your home’s market appeal. For retiree buyers looking to downsize, the long-term prospect of multi-storey living is unappealing. Similarly, for young families, single storey living is attractive as it aids with the supervision of children and mitigates their risk of falling on stairs. Buyers with accessibility requirements might also require a single storey layout. By opting for just one level, these demographics can all consider calling your property home.

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Ease of upkeep is another advantage of a single storey house. This is because of all aspects of the exterior as easily accessible by ladder. In terms of interiors, there is an obvious consideration of less surface area to vacuum and wipe-down.

A single storey house facilitates open-plan living. Rather than dividing the family home into upstairs and downstairs zones, single storey floorplans emphasize large communal spaces. Their layout presents the opportunity for high, vaulted ceilings and vertical windows. This design features to aid in the creation of bright and beautiful shared areas that naturally inspire the congregation. Is this your forever home? If so, it’s worth thinking long-term about accessibility requirements. Without staircases, you won’t have to consider investing in a chairlift. Single storey design grants freedom of movement to the elderly. This presents homeowners with the opportunity to ‘age in place’.

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Nikki Sitch

Nikki is completing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Creative Writing. When not studying, she is rearranging her share-house according to the latest interior trends.


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