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Are Smart Home Devices Worth The Investment For Your New Home?

There is no doubt that technology is a large part of all of our lives — we are constantly using our phones, browsing social media and even using our phones for work. Technology has advanced quite a lot over the years, and with smartphones, come smart homes. With voice commands and easy to access apps on your phone, you are able to control home appliances and utilities with a touch of a button. So, are smart home devices worth the investment? In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of smart home devices.

Pro #1: It’s Convenient
Imagine coming home from a long day of work and sitting on the couch to relax, only to realise that you forgot to turn a light switch off at the front of the house. Instead of getting up out of your comfortable spot and turning it off, you are able to just whip out your phone and click a button, or even speak a command to do so.

smart home devices

Pro #2: Saving Money
This may be a second thought but having smart home devices can actually save you money. With apps on your phone or your computer, you are able to program certain lights to turn off at certain times. In situations where we’ve forgotten to turn a switch off, with it being automatically programmed, you don’t have to worry about a big electricity bill for accidentally leaving lights on.

Pro #3: Maximising Home Security
Having smart home devices allows you to access anything and everything, including security. You are able to access cameras (if installed around the home) with a few taps on your phone and ensure that you are safe.

Con #1: Everything has to be a Smart Device
Once you install one smart home device into your home, for more convenience you would have to install almost all appliances and utilities with the capability of being smart to coincide with one another. If you had one room with smart lights and another room with regular lights, it almost defeats the purpose.

smart home devices

Con #2: Lacks Stability
If your app or device suddenly stops working, then problems with smart home devices will most definitely arise. Similar to any other technical issue, it may take some time to fix.

Con #3: Security Issues
In comparison to being able to protect your home, smart home devices may also cause a breach of security. It is normal to be concerned with your security when using any sort of technology, especially if it is in your home. Concerns of being recorded through your devices via voice or video is a large concern if you are not comfortable with that data being processed through. Therefore, a lack of security about smart home devices can be an issue that may arise.

Smart home devices can definitely be handy in your household, but before making the decision to install them, make sure you understand the complications that may arise. We hope these tips

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Shantelle Santos

Shantelle is a graduate of a Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations). She loves all things social media, digital marketing, and has a keen interest in design.


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