What Is A Transitional Kitchen And Is It Right For Me?

The kitchen is a highly valued place and plays a significant part in home life. The traditional kitchen design brings a sense of familiarity and comfort to the whole space. Meanwhile, the sleek contemporary style offers a functional and neat area to work in. A transitional kitchen brings the best of both worlds! It presents a well-balanced mixture of both design elements and creating a unique kitchen with all the conveniences. This article will unpack what transitional kitchens are all about as well as how to seamlessly combine a traditional and modern look together.

Mix It Up
Transitional kitchens are the perfect opportunity to have fun and also be bold with a range of styles that suits everybody’s tastes. This is particularly helpful for those who are struggling to decide which style to follow as both the traditional and contemporary elements are able to easily complement each other. An open concept kitchen, that also encompasses the dining or living room, is a great way to ensure the design flows effortlessly throughout the house.

transitional kitchen

Image: Houzz – Endeavour Building

The Right Elements
The key to a successful transitional kitchen is achieving the right colour palette. Neutral colours in the kitchen are timeless and always an effective option to bring a splash of colour that isn’t too overwhelming. A neutral blend of blacks, whites, greys and beiges all adding a classy feel to your benches or countertops. You can get creative by adding some contrast such as opting for light granite counter matched with dark drawers.

Texture Is Key
For own personal touch, feel free to experiment with different design material to produce an array of textures. For instance, a polished marble stone, natural timber and tile flooring help bring the entire room together. It is all in the details. Which is why you may decide to place a few concrete tiles to cater for the inevitable splashbacks when cooking or cleaning. Coloured glass or ceramic tiles are able to add character to the kitchen while also camouflaging any stains that could be an eyesore’

Simple And Sleek
Cabinets are the ultimate storage unit and serve a big role in the kitchen. Within a transitional kitchen, it is ideal to have streamlined cabinets with basic colours and a shaker style door. As the cabinets are already eye-catching, it is important that they don’t take away from the design. With a natural look, it is able to enhance the kitchen and provide consistency.

transitional kitchen

Image: Houzz – Casa Stoneworks

Add A Touch of Decoration
There are usually a few decorative accessories that are incorporated into most traditional kitchens. On the other hand, the modern style embraces a more minimal aesthetic. For a transitional kitchen, it is best to include simple accents through installing either crown molding or wainscoting walls. Also, a few geometric lines can assist in adding more visual appeal to capture the eye.

Stand Out
The right lighting can make all the difference when drawing everyone’s attention and highlighting the kitchen features. Similar to traditional fixtures, you can also set up the lighting on the ceiling or directly above the countertop for the full effect.

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Davina Deluao

Davina graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Arts. Through travelling and studying abroad in NYC and LA, her interests for property and design grew and have become her strong pursuit.


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