How To: Choose The Right Window Design To Transform Your Home

Choosing the right window design is about more than just aesthetics. Windows can transform the style, light, ventilation and energy efficiency of a home. Your choice of window design can drastically change the look and feel of a room. Check out our handy guide to help you choose the right window design to help transform your home.

Selecting Window Materials

The most common materials used in window design are timber and aluminium. Both are viable and stylish options.

Timber windows are a traditional and practical choice that can be customised using paints and stains. However, timber windows require a higher level of maintenance, especially in wet or coastal climates. If maintained, however, these windows can give any home a sense of warmth, authenticity and character.

window design

Home Design: Carter 234 by Burbank (VIC)

Aluminium windows add an air of modernity and contemporary freshness to a home. Aluminium is a durable and recyclable material that improves the energy efficiency of a home by maintaining efficacy in both warm and cool climates. Alongside durability, aluminium also boasts affordability and low-maintenance, making it a popular choice of material.

Selecting Window Designs 

Style, functionality, local climate, room size and orientation should be primary decision-making factors when selecting window designs. Sash, casement, awning and slider windows are ones that are made to open to allow for extra air.

Sash windows are composed of moveable panels that can be vertically arranged. These kinds of windows are generally seen in traditional style homes and can add an extra dimension to a room. Casement windows are similar to sash windows, however, these windows open horizontally from hinges mounted on one side. Awning windows are those that open from the bottom edge, whilst the top edge is fixed. These windows are often accompanied with fly screens and provide great security. Slider windows consist of side-by-side windows that move horizontally along tracks. These types of windows are popular in mid-century homes.

window design

Home Design: Vantage 48 by Metricon (VIC)

Other window types include round and picture windows. Round windows have predominantly been used in Victorian or Gothic era structures, but are now utilised as a nautical feature in coastal homes. Picture windows are those that contain no breaks or visible frames, which are perfect for rooms with unobstructed views.

Bay windows combine various window types and often serve as a centrepiece in large living spaces. Bay windows are traditionally formed with a central picture window surrounded by multiple casements and/or sash windows.

Another important facet of window design is colour. The colour of a window works to either allow a window to blend in with its surroundings or emphasise the window frame as an accent piece. White is a classic and popular choice for window awnings, whilst black is steadily gaining popularity for its modern appeal.

window design

Home Design: Maine 24 by Eden Brae Homes (NSW)

There are an abundance of options available when choosing the right window design to transform your home. Whilst this plethora of choice can be overwhelming, the process of choosing the right window design to transform your home can be simplified.

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Grace Wang

Grace is a recent graduate of Monash University, where she studied Arts and Science. She is a property, architecture and interior design enthusiast.


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