6 Steps to Winter-Proofing Your Patio Design

As a nation well-known for its soaring summer temperatures and love of the great outdoors, there’s nothing quite like a nippy breeze to send us rushing inside. But with the help of some innovative design features, there’s no longer any reason to retreat from the crisp winter air. Create a space that shields you from the cold, generates heat and keeps you snug all-year-round with our 5 easy tips for winter-proofing your outdoor patio design!

Image: Maree Homer

1. Insulate your area
Nothing provides optimum shade in the summer and ideal shelter in the winter quite like a pergola or verandah. While such structures provide effortless protection from the elements, they also readily allow for the addition of further outdoor winter-proofing installations, such as the ever-popular cafe blinds! And if you want another reason why you should opt for one of these features in your patio design, just consider it a long-term investment, with pergolas and verandahs adding significantly to the value of your property.

2. Give the illusion of warmth with great lighting
Winter means longer nights and the need for extra light to brighten your outdoor space. Consider creating actual flames with stylish tiki lamps, lanterns, or even a chiminea, or perhaps opt for something more low-key with layered cable festoon lights. For an environmentally-friendly alternative, surround your patio design with solar spotlights, whether they be wall-mounted or in-ground.

3. Heat it up
If you’ve got a pergola and cafe blinds then you’re already halfway towards creating a warm outdoor space that doesn’t suffer too much heat loss. With a variety of inexpensive electric and gas heaters available, keeping your area cosy isn’t such a hard task. For natural light and warmth consider a chiminea or fire pit, an option that’s guaranteed to impress at your next family bbq!


4. Add a spa
What better time to take the plunge than winter?! Add a little bit of luxury to your outdoor area and integrate a spa in either a classic timber design or sleek marble style. Heated water is one sure way to combat the chill and gain friends fast.

5. Outdoor cooking
For something a little different to the traditional Aussie bbq, consider a wood-fired pizza oven to heat up your winter nights. With both contemporary and more classic brick designs available such ovens add truly add a unique and homely touch to your space.

6. The finishing touches
Complete your outdoor space with plush, comfy and cosy furniture and several thick throws to keep out the cold. Pepper your lounge with textured and warm-coloured cushions and implement some greenery with lush plants that maintain their look even as the mercury drops. The brightly coloured winter jasmine, camellia and rhododendron flowers are great choices for the colder weather.

Image: Peg Berens

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Kaylah Chesson

Kaylah is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws degree at Deakin University. Her particular areas of interest include property and land law, home design and the creative arts.


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