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5 Interesting Ways to Customise When Buying Off-The-Plan

One of the biggest differences between a custom home and buying off-the-plan home is the price. Typically, because of the different groups of people required to build a custom home and the specific materials needed, custom homes are significantly more expensive to build. If you are interested in building a custom home, but have a tight budget (less than $600,000), then there are many options and decisions you can make to an off-the-plan home that will make it unique to you without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, sticking to your budget, whether self-appointed or managed by your bank is a huge part of building a home. If you have unlimited money, then a custom home would be great, but if you are working to a tighter budget then here are 5 options to make your off-the-plan home truly yours.

Tips to Make Buying Off-The-Plan Unique

Choose higher ceilings: There really is nothing nicer than a room with high ceilings. The spaciousness, prestige and added light to the room is something that could enhance your home and make it unique.

Attention grabbing wallpaper or feature walls: Wallpaper or a feature wall can turn a room from any room to your room. This is a great way to add personality to your space. There are lots of fun ways to do this, whether you go for a pattern, effect or something completely out there, it is bound to grab everyone’s attention.

Add a library, theatre or study: Sometimes this extra is already included in volume builders home designs. However, if there is an extra bedroom or living space you don’t necessarily need, then adding a room such as a library is a luxurious option that can quickly make your home unique without too much added costs.

Decorate with interesting artwork & furniture: This one comes after your new house is built but is a fantastic way to really make your house a home. Whether it is a colourful couch, unique dining table or a draw dropping painting adding these small touches to your new home will make it feel uniquely yours.

Adding interesting landscaping: Some builders can assist you with landscaping, however, if you are looking for a bespoke garden or front yard, designing your dream garden could add a unique element to your home. There are lots of fun options here, including adding a pool, creative a sitting area or even a veggie garden.

Whether you decide to build a custom home or you add these fun additions to your off-the-plan home, iBuildNew can help you through the new home building process. We have a dedicated team of independent experts to match your building needs with the right builder to simplify the research process for you. If you would like help finding a builder to help build the home of your dreams, or a house and land package, call us on 1800 184 284 or book a call online.

Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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