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Bathroom Renovation Without Breaking The Bank

Once, bathrooms served a purely practical purpose within the home. They were beige and mildew-clad; a source of anxiety when guests visited. However, an increasingly demanding modern life has shifted their role. They now act as retreats, places to pamper and sequester oneself amongst luxury fittings and fixtures. For renovators, addressing this space is no cheap venture. However, there is no need to splash all your cash on a bathroom renovation! We have created a guide on how to revive this space without emptying your pockets:


Changes to the floorplan will inflate the price of your bathroom renovation. Maintaining the existing layout of plumbing and electricity will significantly decrease potential labour costs. When negotiating a tight budget, simple cosmetic changes can make a big difference to your space. Rather than removing partition walls or reorienting the vanity, try using lighting, mirrors and feature tiles to visually expand a room.

It is critical to plan, and account for, every aspect of your bathroom renovation. This reduces the risk of a budget blowout on expensive errors, overpriced and unnecessary fixtures. Often, all that is required is a new bath, a tile-paint or re-grout. It is also advised that you consult a plumber at the beginning of the project, to gain an idea of the space’s potential and the possible costs involved. On that note…

Although engaging quality tradespeople is an initial expense, you will thank yourself at the end for it. The price of faulty fittings and correcting DIY mistakes will far outweigh the upfront cost of a professional installation.


Lighting is an effective and affordable method of revitalizing the bathroom. The key is to simulate natural light. Not only will this assist with makeup application, but it also creates the illusion of a larger space. LED downlights are reasonably priced and use a low voltage, so are safer and more durable in the bathroom’s moist and humid conditions. These lights can be complemented by mirrors, reflecting light to brighten and expand the area.

A  pricey aspect of a bathroom remodel, renovators are often caught out by the per-square-metre costs of both the tiles themselves and their installation. Assess the condition of your existing tiles as re-grouting is all that is required. Tile paint is also an effective and inexpensive fix. You may not have the budget to overlay an entire room with a dazzling tile. However, you can skirt the expense and incorporate that perfect colour by opting for a feature wall or a tile rug.

Avoid falling into the trap of splurging on taps, showerheads or towel-rails. It is easy to find inexpensive and quality fixtures. So often for renovators, fittings are the source of overspending. At the end of the day, they are readily replaceable.

Bathroom RenovationTowelRacks

While the upfront costs might be greater, choosing ‘low-flow’ fixtures will make a dent in your utility bills long-term. This includes electricity, as hot-water use is significantly decreased by sustainable amenities.

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Nikki Sitch

Nikki is completing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Creative Writing. When not studying, she is rearranging her share-house according to the latest interior trends.


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