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How To Reduce Waste On A Home Renovation

Home renovations generate an unimaginable amount of waste. This not only damages the environment by contributing to landfill but dents the hip-pocket through tip-fees, demolition costs and the need to acquire new materials. It is worth-while discussing a waste-management plan with your architect and enquiring about the potential for incorporating recycled materials into the design. Follow our top-tips for waste reduction and to keep your home renovation costs down:

house renovation costs

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Factor Waste Reduction Into Your Design
Being strategic about measurements and proportions in the design-stage can greatly assist in waste-reduction during the construction process. This might involve factoring the standard-sizes of materials into plans. Doing so, the architect avoids a situation where, for example, a section of plaster-board needs to be removed in order to accommodate the dimensions of the design. Enquire with your architect or designer about the potential of keeping home renovation costs down through the efficient use of materials.

Involve Your Builder ASAP
Too often, there is insufficient communication and collaboration between builders and architects. Therefore, things inevitably go awry and necessitate extremely wasteful revisions. This issue is easily skirted by establishing clear lines of communication early. A mutually agreed-upon ‘waste management plan’ is a fantastic means of unifying the goals of the architect and builder. Doing so, the two parties are united in their pursuit of a low-waste project and also help cut down home renovation costs. This should occur in the pre-construction stage, where a clear and common waste minimisation target will be established.

house renovation costs

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Don’t Demolish
Determining which materials can be salvaged from the existing building and reincorporating them into your new design is an innovative and fun way to reduce waste. Given this, it is crucial to ask your builder for a ‘deconstruction’, rather than a demolition. Materials can then be appraised and sorted on-site by the build-team and architect. Not only is this a fantastic means of minimising waste and ‘tip’ fees, but it is also a great way of contributing a sense of history to your new abode and paying homage to the previous structure.

Get creative! Old timber can be up-cycled into a stunning dining table or bench, contributing a rustic aesthetic to your home. Anything that cannot be incorporated into the new design can, of course, be re-sold.

Stick To The Plan
Last-minute design switch-ups and revisions are a major contributing factor towards waste generation and adding on the pile of home renovation costs. This usually occurs when a client is unsure about a section of the house that has already been built. It is important to do the work early and commit to your initial vision. Ensure that your planning-stage is thorough and that all parties concerned are committed to an agreed-upon design.

house renovation costs

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Be Selective In Your Sourcing
Responsible sourcing of materials can greatly assist with waste-management and reduction. Small, conscious decisions can go a long way to reducing the overall waste-generation of your project. Opt for brands and materials with minimal plastic packaging. Additionally, fork out that little bit extra on quality materials, this will ensure their longevity while reducing potential landfill and future maintenance costs.

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