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To Stay Or Go During A Home Renovation?

If you’re renovating, chances are you’ve thought, should I stay or should I go? Figuring out if you should look for a rental or stay at home while undergoing a home renovation is a big decision that is better made in conjunction with your builder. But if you want to get a sense of what might stand in your way, here are some tips to help you decide.

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In terms of expenses, either option has its drawbacks. Finding a house to rent can be expensive but some builders will charge extra if they know you plan on staying. It’ll then cost you more, as there’ll be additional clean up costs or a rush to complete mechanical work as not to interrupt plumbing or electricity. If you’re thinking about it, make sure you decide with your builder and keep it realistic.

The type of renovation

If you’re having a second storey put on, it’s unrealistic to stay. You’ll have no roof, no heating, cooling, electricity or plumbing. If the only roof you have is a tarp, then a rental might be the way to go. Also, keep in mind how much of your home will be blocked off. Some have gone without kitchens for months, but can you really go for three months without a shower? Some comforts can be sacrificed to save money, but first, you have to figure out what you can reasonably give up.

Daily chores like cooking and cleaning may become difficult. If your kitchen is out, you’ll have to make space for a fridge and microwave in a spare room. It’ll be costly to keep going out for dinner, so make batches of food to freeze prior to your home renovation. Cleaning your dishes and clothes in the bathtub and vacuuming every day may be novel at first, but will get old quickly.

home renovation

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If you’ve got younger kids or pets, you’ve got even more to consider. As you pay builders hourly, asking them for quiet while your kids have naptime or study isn’t exactly cost-effective. Kids are curious, and having them distract builders or potentially put themselves in danger isn’t what they signed up for. With pets, some builders even have contract clauses that state they are not responsible if your pet escapes.

The best decision for you

Staying put during a home renovation means you’ll be able to keep tabs on the work being done and feel like a part of the process. If you have chosen the correct builder, they will be willing to accommodate for you and your family (and pets!) as much as they can. Leaving means you’ll be able to relax and let the builders do their job. Just make sure you always inform your builders about your plans and stay practical about how it will affect everyone involved.

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Ella McEwan

Ella is currently studying a Masters of Journalism at Monash University. She is passionate about interior design and eco-friendly housing.


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