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Tips on Extending a House Cheaply (but Chic-ly!) 

Extending your home often comes hand-in-hand with the tricky challenge of balancing your tight budget against your creativity. While your renovation dreams might seem out of reach, a little tweaking and rethinking of your home design plans are all you need to keep your house extension budget manageable! To help you extend your home cheaply but chic-ly, we’ve created the ultimate guide to cutting costs without sacrificing the style and functionality of your new space…

house extension budget

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Keep Your Design Simple

Curves and corners are more difficult and costly to build! If you’re looking to start off on the right foot then opting for a more simple design – such as a space with a rectangular or square footprint and a simple pitched roof – is the easiest way to keep your expenses in check.

Plan Ahead In Detail 

It might seem self-evident but dedicating some time to set out each and every cost can save you dollars down the track. A proper building contract with an itemised budget and a list of works needs to be as specific as possible, from light fittings and socket locations to floor materials and wall colours.

Stick To The Agreed Decision 

Now that you’ve laid out your detailed plan, put it in action and stick to it! Not only are you on the path to preventing any unwise and rash future decisions you’ll regret later on, but you’re also more likely to stay within your carefully prepared house extension budget.

house extension budget

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Limit Made-To-Order Designs 

Framing your build around off-the-shelf products, such as standard-size doors and windows, is one of the biggest ways to save dollars. Avoid any made-to-order items and opt for readily available and equally suitable materials that look just as chic for half the price! Think concrete, brick, render and timber cladding.

Avoid Complicated Groundworks 

Where possible, steer clear of complicated groundworks. In layman’s terms, this means don’t build near trees, drains and sewers or other similarly buried services. Keep in mind that if you live in a period or character home, your options may be somewhat limited.

Reuse, Recycle And Repair

Being environmentally friendly and cutting costs at the same time is a breeze – especially when it comes to your house extension budget! Existing materials can lend your space a real sense of character. Give them a good clean and new finish and you’ll be saving heaps on skip hire and disposal.

house extension budget

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Sell What You Don’t Need

For those materials or items you simply can’t or are unwilling, to reuse or recycle, selling could be a viable alternative. You’d be surprised at what people are willing to buy, from old kitchen cabinets to bathroom fittings. Advertising through Facebook or Gumtree is quick and easy so don’t lose dollars storing or throwing away unwanted materials and items.

Talk To An Estate Agent First 

If you really want to get your money’s worth out of your house extension project then it is critical that you speak with a trusted estate agent before commencing construction. Informing yourself of the value added to your home by any form of renovation can be a key deciding factor when it comes to considering how much you’re willing to spend. Remember that more expensive designs don’t always equal long-term value and definitely don’t always equal extra chic!

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Kaylah Chesson

Kaylah is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws degree at Deakin University. Her particular areas of interest include property and land law, home design and the creative arts.


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