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6 Ways to Reduce House Renovation Costs

Deciding to renovate can be such an exciting but daunting task – it’s never a bad time to spruce up your home and reinvent your living space, but home renovation costs can add up if you aren’t careful. Here are a few things you can consider when you are looking at house renovation costs.


1. Research and Create a Budget
Having a plan is always essential – before you begin any alterations set yourself a budget and begin to research whether the renovations you plan to make can be achieved within your budget – talk to people, get quotes and get specific with where you will be spending your money.

2. Find the Right Builder
If major renovations are about to take place and you need to find a builder to help with your revamp – ensure that you take the time to get quotes, referrals and check prices for the work you need to be done. Ask yourself who is giving you the best offer for the best price and don’t rush into anything until you are happy. Verify credentials and ensure that they are properly licensed and experienced for your renovation.

3. Get Yourself Working!
If you can afford to get your own hands busy, doing some of the handy work yourself can save you a good amount of money. Consider what you are capable of doing yourself. Doing your own painting when revamping rooms can be a fun process that will save you some dollars. If you are lacking in experience, there are many DIY tutorial blogs, videos and write-ups that you will be able to find to assist you. Try and put together any new furniture that you can to save on any assembly or construction fees – pull up floors and take apart any furniture that needs to be dismantled.

4. Prioritise What You Need
It can be tempting to think about everything you want to redo in your home and then look at your list and realise that you are wanting to cut down the costs of all the work. It can be essential to ask yourself what is most important to you in your renovation and whether there are areas you are able to alter plans to save money. If you are renovating your bathroom, consider not tiling from floor to ceiling – save money by tiling half of the walls. Think about which areas of the house you will need to put more money into and design your budget accordingly – kitchen renovations and installations may require more time and money than the changes you make to a bedroom or study space.


5. Avoid Plumbing and Electrical Changes
A popular piece of advice is to avoid making any changes to the plumbing and electrical work in order to save a large amount of trouble and money. Plumbers and electricians can be pricey, so it is best to keep this work to a minimum.

6. Reinvent The Old
Never underestimate the power of restoring or moving previously owned furniture to suit your newly renovated home. Repaint a cabinet or bring that old coffee table in from the garage and see how well it fits in your new lounge! Consider purchasing items secondhand, including online buys as well as garage sales and secondhand building suppliers.

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Katrina Ellis

Katrina is passionate about plants, interior design and inspiring others to create their perfect living space


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